Disney Dreamlight Valley: Mikes “Have Your People Talk To My People”-Quest [Quest Guide]

Published: Apr. 12, 2024
Updated: Apr. 18, 2024

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With the highest friendship level, Level 10, in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you unlock Mike's final friendship quest, “Have Your People Talk To My People”. Learn how you can complete this quest successfully in this walkthrough guide.

All of Mike's quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

Start Mike's “Have Your People Talk To My People” Quest

When you speak to Mike after reaching the tenth and final friendship level with him, you activate his “Have Your People Talk To My People” quest. In this conversation, Mike asks you to check on Vanellope because it's the day of the comedy show, so they both perform their comedy routine. While Mike works on his set, you talk to Vanellope.

As you try to talk to Vanellope, she blocks every attempt and refers you to her manager, Scrooge McDuck. From Scrooge, you learn that Vanellope will only perform her set if you prepare and provide her with a cheesecake. He hands you the cheesecake recipe, which you prepare and give to Vanellope.

Despite the cheesecake, Vanellope is still unwilling to perform. She demands from Mike that she not only be part of the opening act but also of the main act, which you have to report to him. After Mike finds out that Scrooge is Vanellope's manager, he promptly chooses you as his agent and Sulley as his manager. To fit the role of an agent, you have to change your outfit into something:

  • professional,
  • elegant,
  • or modern.

Next, you have to listen to the conversation between Scrooge and Sulley, where the two don't see eye to eye, which you tell Mike.

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Cover Vanellope's Posters in Dreamlight Valley

Since Scrooge and Vanellope have already distributed posters announcing Vanellope's performance, Mike decides to cover them with stickers of his face. He assigns you to this task so he can continue working on his set.

Where you can find Vanellope's posters:

  • at the Main Square
  • at the Dazzle Beach
  • in the Forest of Valor
  • on the Peaceful Meadow

You can cover the posters by approaching them and pressing the action button. Talk to Mike once you've covered all the posters.

Get Ready for the Show

When you meet Mike at his house, he's surprised by Vanellope, who has brought several rubber chickens into his house as a response to covering her posters with Mike's stickers. This stresses Mike out, so you offer him your help, and removing the rubber chickens becomes your task.

Lass meine Leute mit deinen Leuten Reden Mike Quest Disney Dreamlight Valley
Remove all the rubber chickens from Mike's house.

After you've cleaned up his house from rubber chickens, Mike is feeling much more relaxed. He asks you to pick up Sulley's camera for him to record a part of the show. Sulley is happy to hand you the camera, but he lets you know that he has to help Remy, so he won't be able to come to Mike and Vanellope's comedy show. Then bring the camera over to Mike.

Mike prepares the set with the camera, which allows you to watch the highlights of the show at the end and select the best picture to be published in the village. With everything set, the show begins as soon as you enter Mike's house.

Attend Mike and Vanellope's Comedy Show

Enter Mike's house and watch him and Vanellope perform their show. After some time, you can use the camera to capture a moment, or you can listen to the rest of the comedy show. By using the camera, you receive a small purple pouch, from which you obtain a billboard featuring Vanellope and Mike. Place the billboard near Mike's house and speak to him one last time to complete the quest.

Lass meine Leute mit deinen Leuten Reden Mike Quest Disney Dreamlight Valley
Put up Mike's and Vanellope's billboard in the village.

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