Palworld: How to Level Up Quickly

Published: Jan. 23, 2024
Updated: Jan. 25, 2024

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If you're looking for an efficient way to farm XP and level up quickly in Palworld, this guide is just the right thing for you.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • Why it's important to level up quickly.
  • The best way to gather XP.

Leveling Up in Parlworld is Important

As in many other games, you receive different rewards in Palworld when you level up your character. Various mechanics and game content must be unlocked by reaching a certain level, including:

  • Certain items
  • Flying mounts
  • The ability to breed new Pals on your own.

Gather XP and Level up Quickly in Palworld

There are several ways to gain XP and level up in Palworld. However, some of them are much more effective than others. We'll show you which methods we think work best.

Catching new Pals

Catching new Pals is the best way to quickly gain experience points and level up. The first ten times you catch a Pal, you get a huge XP boost, which increases from Pal to Pal. As the XP boost is the same for all Pals and scales with your level, we recommend catching low-level Pals first. With this method, you can easily push your character up to level 50.

Watch out: You should always try to catch the best of the best Pals (via MacGamer). Otherwise, all you will be left with is a Palbox full of Pals that will never serve you any good work!

Use Vixy to get Infinite Pal Spheres

You can catch the small fox Vixy very early in the game. Furthermore, very early in the Game, at level five, you can build the ranch, which your Vixy will use to dig up Pal Spheres for you non-stop.

Palworld Fixy

You can gather infinte Pal-Spheres with the help of Vixy.

You can use the F button to assign one or more Vixys to your ranch. In addition to the Pal Spheres, the Vixys will also dig up arrows for you.

This should give you enough spheres to catch the numerous wild Pals. If you still need more spheres, you can also make them at your workbench. If you want to level up as quickly as possible in Palworld, you should use your Paldex regularly so that you can make your next catches as targeted as possible.

Have you already caught a Lucky Pal? Feel free to share your successes in the comments, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to visit us on Discord or our Palworld Facebook group.

Markus has been part of our team since June 2022 and writes about many topics as a dedicated gamer. But he is especially fond of Path of Exile and other ARPGs.
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