Palworld: How To Remove the Wanted Status

Published: Apr. 12, 2024
Updated: May. 19, 2024


In Palworld, Wanted Status will be attached to you if you commit something illegal. In our case, the PIDF representatives were constantly chasing and trying to eliminate us, so to prevent you from having a similar experience, we will tell you how to remove Wanted Status in Palworld.

Content of the guide: Next, you will learn several methods to remove Wanted Status and avoid annoying PIDFs.

  • If you commit illegal tasks in Palworld, you'll be given a wanted status, and the PIDF will hunt you down.
  • The PIDF will follow you everywhere and even spawns in front of you.
  • You can lose the status by running away, fighting against the PDIF, dying, or relogging.

Palworld: How to Escape From PIDF

So, if you have committed a crime or are unlucky enough to be a wanted person, you are doomed to constant persecution by law enforcement. PIDFs are usually 30–40 levels, and they always have firearms with them, which they will definitely use against you. Nevertheless, there are several options that you can use to remove Wanted Status and get rid of PIDF, so let's talk about them in more detail.

Just Run Away

Palworld character is climbing the mountain

The character is climbing the mountain to remove Wanted Status.

One of the easiest methods for beginners is to just run fast and far away. The PIDF will constantly chase you and occasionally teleport to you, making this task much more difficult. A good trick is to run to a high ground and then use the glider to fly down. This way, PIDFs who teleport to you will fall and die when you are in the air. However, if you are not fast enough, they will still reach you.

An alternative for more experienced players is to use flying Pals. Get on one of them and fly as high as you can. Again, you can climb a mountain and fly the Pal even higher. If you stay in the air for a sufficient amount of time, you will stop being chased and the Wanted Status will disappear.


If your level is higher than 30 or even 40, you can try to resist PIDF. With firearms and high-level Pals, killing several officers is much easier than with a bow and arrows. Keep in mind that if you fight the PIDF for too long, it can lead to more of them coming for help. Thus, you need to take a few accurate headshots to kill all who are chasing you as quickly as possible, and then just run away so that the assistance does not find you. If you do everything right, you will not be found and forgotten, so Wanted Status will disappear.


Palworld Defeat

You can die to remove Wanted Status.

If you don't want to waste time by fighting with the PIDF or running away from them, you can just die.  You won't lose anything, and you won't be fined, but the only problem will be getting your items back. When you die, you will drop your backpack, so you will need to spend time to reach it and get the loot. In this case, it is recommended that you die around the nearby fast travel point so that you can simply teleport here and not waste time looking for the backpack.

Relaunch the Game

The trickiest and easiest method of all is to simply relaunch the game. In this case, close Palworld and then restart it. After spawning in the world, you will notice that the Wanted Status has disappeared and no one is chasing you anymore.

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