Starfield: Where to Find Important Services, Merchants & Locations

Published: Apr. 12, 2024
Updated: Apr. 18, 2024

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In Starfield, thriving means knowing where to find doctors, ship technicians, weapon merchants, and more. Our expert, with over 300 hours in-game, shares where to boost your resources, fulfill basic needs, and discover key places.

Quick Guide to Starfield's Essential Spots: (TLDR):

  • Trade Authority stores and vending machines in every major city across the Settled Systems are prime spots for selling items.
  • High-credit merchants are located in New Atlantis (Jemison), Neon (Volii Alpha), Cydonia (Mars), "The Key" (orbit of Suvorov), and "The Eye" (orbit of Jemison).
  • Doctors operate in every city and settlement, easily found at "Reliant Medical" signposted clinics.
  • You can acquire up to 9 apartments or houses, primarily in big cities, priced between 6,500 and 235,000 credits.
  • For a deeper dive and directions to some of the game's most intriguing spots, read on.

Starfield's Truly Addictive Universe

Starfield Where to Find What All Important Locations

At the start of the open-world RPG Starfield, everything seems to follow the familiar Bethesda formula. However, this initial impression is deceptive. After a few in-engine cinematic sequences and a fierce firefight against the Crimson Fleet pirates, the protagonist takes to the skies in the spacecraft of Constellation member Barrett. This marks the beginning of many more flights to come.

While Starfield doesn't require players to regularly refuel their ship's impulse drive and thrusters as No Man's Sky does, it introduces its own set of necessities and even a compulsion to upgrade. This is particularly true when preparing for space dogfights. The game emphasizes the importance of enhancing your spacecraft with better weapons, shields, and increased cargo space, along with the need for repairs, indicating a strategic depth to space exploration and combat not initially apparent.

For the battles in Starfield, players need to prioritize upgrading their ship's weapons and shields. Additionally, expanding the cargo space and repairing damage become significant aspects of gameplay.

Beyond the ship itself, ensuring the hero's body is well-protected, healed, and physically prepared is crucial. This reliance on services and merchants to maintain and enhance both the player's ship and character makes Starfield more dependent on these elements than Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

starfield ship technician
Lon Anderssen, a ship technician, is based at the "Red Mile Run" building on Porrima III. (Starfield)

Therefore, it's crucial to know where to find specific services and offerings in Bethesda's new universe. However, let's first discuss which of these are essential for a smooth gameplay experience without mishaps.

What Services and Merchants do I Really Need in Starfield?

Exploring alien planets and completing both main and side missions in Starfield requires familiarity with the following services and locations:

  • Spaceports: These are crucial for repairing damage to your ship. It's also where you switch your "home" ship, meaning the spacecraft you're currently using to traverse the "dark sea" of space.
  • Doctors: Given the inevitability of sustaining physical injuries from combat, doctors are indispensable. They not only tend to your wounds but also offer medical supplies like medkits and treatments for injuries.
  • Weapon and Gear Merchants: These vendors are essential for replenishing depleted ammunition and occasionally offer exceptionally powerful firearms. Equally important are the spacesuits they sell, which protect wearers from physical, ballistic, or radiation damage. Some merchants also deal in medical supplies and will purchase any unnecessary gear you wish to offload.
  • Real Estate (Apartments, Suites, Houses): These properties allow you to place helpful tools such as workbenches, research stations, and job boards all under one roof, streamlining your operations.

That essentially covers the basics, as neither building bases nor resource gathering plays a significant role in Starfield. While some job boards in Starfield do offer optional missions involving the delivery of raw materials, the collection of these materials is primarily beneficial for accelerating the hero's character level progression.

Starfield Outpost Luna
This small outpost on Luna, Earth's moon, serves no special purpose in Starfield.

By crafting products from raw materials, the player gains experience points relevant for leveling up. However, this isn't strictly necessary, as the player character can level up quickly enough without needing these additional experience points.

Pro Tip: Pursuing legendary weapons rarely proves worthwhile. You're better off keeping a keen eye on merchant inventories. Occasionally, you'll find ordinary but modified weapons that significantly outperform their legendary counterparts in terms of damage.

Starfield: Find Doctors, Shops, Homes, and More

Now that you're equipped with the knowledge of what to look out for in Starfield, it's time to get more specific. Here's a guide on which cities or settlements across different planets you should visit to ensure you're always prepared for your cosmic explorations.

Find Trade Authority Vending Machines in Starfield

The Trade Authority provides the fastest means of turning unwanted items, including smuggled and stolen goods, into cash. This efficiency is due to its presence across Starfield through both branch offices and vending machines in all major cities.

These machines boast the significant advantage of being installed close to spaceports or directly near players' landing sites. This strategic placement saves space travelers considerable time and effort. However, their fixed base capital of 5,000 credits is a downside, limiting their usefulness for higher-value transactions as players progress in the game.

This limitation doesn't render them entirely obsolete in the later stages of the game, but rather repositions them as a source of quick cash for items of modest value. As players progress through Starfield, they increasingly encounter items of significant worth, some of which can exceed the 5,000 credit threshold on their own.

  • Vending Machine Location in New Atlantis: One such Trade Authority vending machine, often referred to as a "kiosk," is strategically placed in the metropolis of New Atlantis, located on the planet Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system. This kiosk is conveniently located just a few meters from the landing area, making it easily accessible for players needing to offload less valuable items quickly. A provided screenshot illustrates what a Trade Authority machine looks like.
starfield trade authority
Above: The Trade Authority vending machines offer a great selling opportunity for beginners. Professionals use them to get rid of their less valuable items. (Starfield)

Finding Trade Authority Shops in Starfield

The Trade Authority, seemingly indifferent to the origins of goods, has branches even within the headquarters of the criminal Crimson Fleet. This includes a former space station of the United Colonies known as "The Key," prominently floating in the Kryx System's space. Beyond this, the locations of the Trade Authority vary by city and planet.

  • Trade Authority location in Akila City: The "Trade Authority" has established a presence in Akila City, setting up shop right next to the entrance gate where ship services are offered as well. Another branch can be found close to the Hitching Post Bar. Further details are available in this guide.
  • Trade Authority location in New Atlantis: Naturally, the Trade Authority also maintains a branch in New Atlantis, although it's located on The Well and not so straightforward to locate. For this reason, we've put together detailed directions that you can follow here.
Starfield Trade Authority in New Atlantis
Zoe Kaminski represents the Trade Authority on The Well of New Atlantis. (Starfield)
  • In other locations such as Cydonia on Mars, "The Den" in the Wolf System (how to find this station), the settlement Hope Town on the planet Polvo in the Valo System, or Neon on Volii Alpha, you'll also find stores (and vending machines) of the Trade Authority. More information on these and other high-credit-limit merchants can be found in a table a little further below.

The branches of this somewhat dubious trading organization offer the advantage of being able to trade goods valued up to 11,000 credits.

Other Vendors with High Credit Limits in Starfield

If you've read the section about the Trade Authority, you might have guessed what the biggest issue with selling items is: many vendors have limited funds. However, as you progress in the game, you often find yourself carrying loot worth 30,000 credits or more. The question then becomes, where do you sell all this stuff?

It's clear that you'll need merchants with high credit limits, but you'll rarely encounter a seller with more than 12,000 credits to spend. Moreover, finding such merchants is a challenge in itself.

Where to Look for Vendors: Starfield realistically ties shop budgets to their surrounding neighborhoods. In simple terms, the poorer the area, the smaller the vendor's budget. Therefore, selling goods in impoverished districts is generally not worthwhile. The notable exception is the previously mentioned branch of the Trade Authority in New Atlantis.

starfield weapons dealer
Always worth a visit: The chatty human-robot duo, Frank and Styx. They run the weapon shop "Neon Tactical" in Neon. (Starfield)

To make your search for vendors even easier, we've compiled a table below featuring the wealthiest, in other words, the best merchants available. This includes branches of the Trade Authority as well. You can find a separate article on the "Best Shops" in Starfield here.

VendorBudgetLocation (Star System, Planet, City, District)
Zuri Abara
(Zuri’s Essentials)
25.000 CreditsKryx, Suvorov, The Key (space station)
Vladimir Sall20.000 Credits

Planetary scans only
Alpha Centauri, Jemison, The Eye (space station)
Anya Griffon
(Centaurian Arsenal)
12.500 Credits

Weapons only
Alpha Centauri, Jemison, New Atlantis, Residential Disctrict
Frank Renick
(Neon Tactical)
12.000 Credits

Weapons only
Volii, Volii Alpha, Neon, Neon: Core
(Aludra’s Weapon Shop)
12.000 Credits

Weapons only
Kryx, Suvorov, The Key (space station)
(Trade Authority)
11.000 CreditsAlpha Centauri, Jemison, New Atlantis, The Well
Manaaki Almonte
(Trade Authority)
11.000 CreditsSol, Mars, Cydonia
Kolman Lang
(Trade Authority)
11.000 CreditsVolii, Volii Alpha, Neon, Neon: Core
Author's Tip: For balance reasons, it takes a while for a vendor who's run out of funds to replenish their budget. Therefore, avoid selling items to shops you've recently cleared out. If in doubt, store your goods on your home ship for the time being. In the endgame, you should shift your strategy to only picking up the most valuable items.

Finding Doctors in Starfield to Heal Ailments & buy Medkits

Certainly, Starfield boasts an extensive array of healing items and tools for temporary ability enhancement. But all these supplies have to come from somewhere and unsurprisingly, doctors are your go-to source for medical materials, offering a wide variety. Whether it's bruises, radiation exposure, burns, or simply the need for more health points, a doctor can provide the necessary assistance.

To locate a doctor, you should look out for individuals in white coats within the facilities of the Settled Systems. However, not every supposed "miracle worker in white" is actually a doctor. This is also true for the "Clinic," even though it is a medical station orbiting Deepala, a planet in the Narion System. See the image below for reference.

starfield not a doctor
Not every individual in a white coat in Starfield is actually a doctor, including the guy above.

Generally, you can find doctors in every city and settlement within Starfield, and most of them are relatively easy to locate. The NPC doctors typically work for "Reliant Medical," a name that's prominently displayed on the signs of their medical practices. So, keep an eye out for these signs.

  • Doctor's location in Akila City: The "Wild West" city of Akila City is one of the largest cities in Starfield, and appropriately, a doctor has set up shop there. You can find them north of the entrance gate in "The Tower," which serves as the city's town hall and includes an integrated bar. Detailed directions can be found here.
  • Doctor's location in New Atlantis: Dr. Alexei Lebedev is among the easiest to find in New Atlantis, as he operates the largest practice outside of the "Clinic". His office is located in the impressive "Reliant Medical" building near the Residential District. This colorfully illuminated and futuristically designed structure is visible from afar. Detailed directions to this location are provided here.
  • Doctor's location in Neon: The challenge with the cyberpunk-esque city of Neon is its forest of signs, reminiscent of downtown areas in Japan, which complicates the task of locating specific vendors or services, especially when some names are merely scribbled in initials on their respective signs. The doctor at the heart of Neon is one such case, with "Reliant Medical" abbreviated to "RM". Fortunately, we've also prepared clear directions for this location.
starfield doctor
In Cydonia on Mars, the perpetually tired Dr. Charlie Flynn practices. (Starfield)

Find & buy all Homes in Starfield

Purchasable properties in Starfield include, as mentioned, apartments, suites, and even small houses, with some residences available only as rewards for completing quest series. For example, after completing the entire UC Vanguard quest line, the United Colonies gift you a luxurious penthouse in New Atlantis's Mercury Tower. This grand apartment serves to cement your citizenship within the UC.

In total, nine properties await your occupancy within the game. Those are:

HomeLocation (Star System, Planet, City, District)Cost / Conditions
Room in the LodgeAlpha Centauri, Jemison, New Atlantis, Mast DistrictMembership in the Constellation
The Well ApartmentAlpha Centauri, Jemison, New Atlantis, The Well30.000 Credits
Available through Realtor Zora at Aphelion Realty in New Atlantis
Midtown Apartment (House)Cheyenne, Akila, Akila City, Midtown45.000 Credits
Sold by Realtor Ngodup in front of the Colonial Villa in Akila City
Premium Sleepcrate (Room)Volii, Volii Alpha, Neon, Neon: Core, Ebbside6.500 Credits
From Izna Sundaraman in Ebbside by the Sleepcrates
Sky SuiteVolii, Volii Alpha, Neon, Neon: Core, Trade Tower235.000 Credits
Offered by Boone Morgan, the bartender at the Astral Lounge in the Trade Tower
Penthouse (4-room apartment)Alpha Centauri, Jemison, New Atlantis, Residential DistrictCitizen of the UC
From Realtor Zora at Aphelion Realty in New Atlantis
Core Residence (House)Cheyenne, Akila, Akila City78.000 Credits
Available from Realtor Ngodup in front of the Colonial Villa in Akila City
DreamhouseOlympus, Nesoi, Landing Site500 Credits per week to the GalBank
+ selection of the "Dreamhouse" trait in the character editor (here's an explanation of the Dreamhouse trait), and completion of the story up to the visit to "The Eye" (part of the Constellation quest series)
Parental ApartmentAlpha Centauri, Jemison, New Atlantis, Residential District, Pioneer TowerSelection of the "Kid stuff" trait in the character editor

To more easily navigate to the mentioned apartments and houses, take a look at our illustrated directions provided in this article.

What do I need a home for? Having a permanent residence in Starfield isn't crucial for survival, but it's incredibly useful. The main reason is that it allows you to place most of your daily tools and aids in one location, saving you from having to travel back and forth to access them.

Additionally, apartments and houses provide space for several storage crates, offering a solution when your inventory or your spaceship's cargo hold is overflowing. Unfortunately, the practical benefits of owning a home are primarily limited to these utilities, as there isn't much else you can do within them.

Thus, items like dartboards or other non-utility items are not interactive, leaving you with the options of simply sitting on a couch or sleeping in a bed while at your residence.

Important and Interesting Locations in Starfield

Occasionally, a main, side, or companion quest in Starfield may require you to visit a specific location on a planet. Similarly, you might wish to return to a previously visited quest site out of interest, whether to see how your actions have altered the place or to complete a missed objective.

It's important to note that it's not always possible to revisit all story-related scenes. A well-known example of a "one-way trip" is the military ship SY-920, which you board during the "Better Than Best" mission. This quest is part of the SysDef's surveillance of the Crimson Fleet. More information on this can be found via a link provided below.

Regardless, we've identified a selection of potentially interesting or visit-worthy locations in Starfield and noted the correct routes to reach them.

In this context, our article "All 111 Star Systems in Starfield: How to Reach Every Corner of the Universe" might be of interest to you. As the title suggests, it provides an overview of the location of all the systems included in the game, as well as information on how you can reach even the most distant collection of stars.


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