Remnant 2: Final Boss Cheese, How to Trick Annihilation

Published: Aug. 02, 2023
Updated: Jan. 03, 2024

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Our editor Alex has discovered a clever way to cheese the final boss of Remnant 2, Annihilation. Here's how his trick works.

In this guide, you'll learn:

  1. How to cheese Annihilation in Remnant 2.
  2. Tactical tips for fighting the ultimate final boss.

How to Defeat the Final Boss of Remnant 2 Using a Trick

Remnant 2 Final Boss Cheese Annihilation

Dealing with the final boss of Remnant 2, Annihilation, is a tough task, because this wooden creature from hell stands in your way to the game's ending credits. But there's an unintentional vulnerability left by the developers that you can exploit to win the fight.

At the start of your last fight in Remnant 2 against Annihilation, you'll find yourself near a large crater. Beyond it, Annihilation will soon appear. As soon as you spot his silhouette approaching in flight, turn around and head towards the boundary of the arena, marked by thin red mist and some lava particles.

Near the far left edge of this boundary, you'll notice something like a narrow path. This point should now grab your attention; check the screenshot below for reference. This point on the boundary is interesting because it's somewhat "permeable," meaning there's a way to slip through the boundary here.

Remnant 2 Final Boss Cheese Annihilation 02

Once the final boss has appeared, run in the opposite direction to the marked point in the arena boundary.

Here's the trick: at this specific point, perform non-stop dodge rolls against the arena boundary. After a few rolls, the barrier should give way, and you'll find yourself on the other side. Note, this only works at the spot marked in the upper image! The lower image shows it from another angle.

Remnant 2 Final Boss Cheese Annihilation 01

Try to slip through the boundary using dodge rolls. Yes, it's possible!

Caution: Annihilation has Several Combat Phases

The beauty of this trick is that Annihilation cannot leave the arena. So, if you maintain your distance, you can easily shoot at the enraged boss without getting a scratch.

However, this only works as long as the current combat phase lasts. The game doesn't account for your escape to the other side of the boundary and will push you back into the arena at the start of the next combat phase. But the trick still works, so you just need to leave the arena again.

It's uncertain if this method will remain effective forever. The developers of Remant 2 might already be aware of this exploit and could fix the leaky spot in the arena boundary in an upcoming patch.


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