Rust - All Admin, Console and server Commands in 2023

Published: Jul. 02, 2023
Updated: Jul. 03, 2023

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Are you looking for all admin and console commands for the PvP survival Rust? Then you've come to the right place. We have listed all cheats for you.

How to use the commands: To use these commands, you must either be on a server that has the console enabled or be a dedicated admin. With the "F1" key, you activate the console in the game, and you can type in the following commands.

Server Settings / Console editing

Commands Default Values Description
chat.serverlog true If True, chat will be logged to the console
echo "text" Prints text to the server console
env.time Sets the time to this value in hours Sends an airdrop from a random direction
find <command or "."> Searches for a command, using "." will list all commands.
say "Message" Broadcasts a message to all players
server.globalchat true If true, chat messages will be broadcasted to all players
server.stop Stops your server Saves your server
server.saveinternal "value" 60 Defines the time cycle for your server to autosave in seconds. true If True, EAC will kick banned or unregistered players before joining
server.seed "value" 123456 Sets the server's seed
server.stability true If true, Structure stability is enabled
server.tickrate <rate> 30 Sets the tick rate of your server
server.writecfg Saves .cfg changes which have been implemented via commands
quit saves everything and stops the server
init Loads config files

Player Administration

Command Default Values Description
ban "player name" "reason" Bans Player for specified reason
banid <steam64> Bans Player via Steam 64 ID.
banlist Lists banned users within the chat
banlistex List of banned users with reasons and usernames
kick <steam64 or playername> reason Kicks a user by inputting their steamID64 or their playername for an optional reason.
kickall Kicks all users
listid <steam64> Lists users who have been banned via Steam64 ID.
moderatorid <steam64 or playername> Sets a player as a server mod, with auth level 1.
ownerid <steam64 or playername> Sets player as a server admin with auth level 2.
removemoderator <steam64> Removes authorization from a user who has level 1 auth
removeowner <steam64> Removes ownership from a user who has level 2 auth
unban <steam64> Unbans a user via their steam ID.

Player Controls

Command Default Values Description
chat.say Sends a message in chat through the F1 console
find <command> Search for a command which is available to you
kill Suicide
quit Saves everything, closes the game
respawn Forces yourself to respawn
respawn_sleepingbag Forces yourself to respawn in your sleeping bag


Command Default Values Description
players Shows connected Players
status Shows connected Clients
users Shows user info for connected players


Commands Default Values Description
gc.collect Recollects unused memory and unloads unused assets
perf Prints out performance data
physics_iterations "number" 7 Sets the default solver iteration count permitted for rigid bodies.
physics_steps Amount of physics steps per second
queue Shows the stability and surroundings queue
report Generates a report of all spawned entities in the server's root directory
textures Lists the loaded textures
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