Sons of the Forest: Where to Find all Artifact Pieces

Published: Feb. 22, 2024
Updated: Apr. 18, 2024

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In the world of Sons of the Forest, pieces of a mysterious artifact are scattered throughout. We’re here to give you a detailed guide, both in pictures and words, on where to find these elusive fragments.

Quick Guide to Artifact Pieces in Sons of the Forest:

  • You can find a total of 5 artifact pieces hidden within certain caves on the eerie island.
  • These could potentially be pieces of the artifact known as the Artifact Ball from The Forest, or possibly the artifact mentioned in Hector Liter’s note.
  • Artifact Piece A is located in a cave northwest of the island’s center.
  • Artifact Piece B is found in a cave directly northeast of the island’s center.
  • Artifact Piece C is placed in a cave just west of the island’s center.
  • Artifact Piece D is in a cave immediately west of the island’s center.
  • Artifact Piece E can be retrieved from a cave on the northeast coast of the island.

Sons of the Forest: Locations of all Artifact Pieces on the Map

Sons of the Forest Locations of all artifact pieces

Fans of The Forest will not be surprised to stumble across pieces of a mysterious artifact in its sequel. In the prequel, they used an Artifact Ball to alter the behavior of attacking cannibals.

Thus, this artifact could be making a return in Sons of the Forest. However, it's also possible that when assembled, these pieces form the artifact depicted in Hector Liter’s note. The note’s illustration of "Artifact 2" suggests its right half comprises a sort of sun wheel, which seems to match the overall shape formed by the new (?) artifact pieces.

The map below shows the locations of all the artifact pieces. The letters A through E indicate the specific piece, while red circle markers highlight their exact locations.

Sons of the Forest Locations of all artifact pieces Map
World Map showing locations of all Sons of the Forest artifact pieces. (Base Map: Map Genie)

If you find the above representation a bit vague, below you will find enlarged images of all locations and precise directions that will lead you directly to the artifact pieces. To further illustrate, we’ve taken screenshots of key waypoints.

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Find Artifact Piece A

Sons of the Forest Locations of all artifact pieces A
Artifact Piece A is in a cave far northwest from the island’s center. (Sons of the Forest)

Enter the marked cave through a narrow fissure in the rocks. Continue straight until you come across some hanging limbs. (1) Keep following the middle path, passing by a few small waterfalls on your left.

The path to the artifact continues straight. After passing a corpse and some hanging skeletons, you’ll face a rotten wooden barrier (2), which you should break with your axe. Beyond it, you’ll find a descent in the floor (3); climb down the rope, turn around, and keep to the left until you reach another wooden barrier.

Break it as well and turn left just beyond it. At the end of this narrow passage, you’ll find the container with Artifact Piece A.

Find Artifact Piece B

Sons of the Forest Locations of all artifact pieces B
Artifact Piece B is hidden in a cave directly northeast from the island’s center. (Sons of the Forest)

Enter the marked cave through the wooden barrier near a blue crate. (1) Smash the barrier with your axe. Follow the path and head down the slope to your right. Upon reaching the bottom, you’ll almost immediately see a rope on your right, hanging down a chasm. (2)

Climb down the rope. Walk along the ledge and then to the wooden barrier ahead. Break it with your axe, then follow the path a short distance. On your right, you’ll find another descent with a rope, which you should climb down.

Be careful not to follow the stony path below but turn right and jump straight into the water. (3) It’s so dark that you’ll only notice the water as you approach. Swim through the narrow cave, then exit the water and destroy another wooden barrier ahead. In the chamber beyond lies the container with Artifact Piece B.

Find Artifact Piece C

Sons of the Forest Locations of all artifact pieces C
Artifact Piece C awaits in a cave a bit west from the island’s center. (Sons of the Forest)

The cave with Artifact Piece C is somewhat hidden. You’ll find the entrance inside a hut, the access to which has been boarded up. (1) Destroy the barrier with your axe. The entrance to the cave on the floor is partially covered with wooden planks.

Below the hut, you’ll find two rooms, but only the first one is of interest. You’ll likely notice the boarded-up entrance right away since it's directly ahead. Go through it, climb down the rope at the end of the short passage, and enter the water on the right, exiting straight ahead shortly after.

Follow the cave path, soon crossing some makeshift planks, until you encounter another barrier. Use your axe to clear the way, descend to the very bottom, destroy the next barrier, and then climb down the rope into the abyss. Behind you, a bizarre scene unfolds with several skeletons gathered around a glowing, golden object. Artifact Piece C rests upon it.

Find Artifact Piece D

Sons of the Forest Locations of all artifact pieces D
Artifact Piece D is located in a cave directly west of the island's center, near a lake. (Sons of the Forest)

Break through the wooden barrier at the entrance, where corpses lean against the rock wall. Follow the path until the rock wall on your right ends, then make a U-turn and dive into the water to your left.

After swimming straight for a bit, exit the water to sharply turn left into a cavern. Slide down a long tunnel and land in water. Proceed straight, follow the path marked by hanging skeletons until you reach a rusted, door-like structure. Pass it and keep to your right.

Continue on the path until you reach a cavern with a large waterfall on your right. Walk straight past the waterfall, keeping to the right. The path leads past a few corpses and across rocks laid with wooden planks.

Go straight, break another wooden barrier, descend a rope, walk through a tunnel adorned with seemingly golden "pillars," and turn right at its end. Follow the path, occasionally swimming, without exiting at the golden cavern, but swim straight ahead instead.

Cave Lightning

When you reach the end of the water, walk straight for a few steps, then head to the spot shown in the image. Upon arrival, make another U-turn and follow the corridor with corpses on the left wall to enter a larger cavern with a peculiar object at its center, near which lightning strikes periodically.

Move past the object on the left and look up towards the source of the lightning. To the left, you'll see a corpse, and next to it, a rope. Climb it, then continue straight along the upper corridor.

You'll need to swim a considerable distance again. At the end of this long corridor, you'll find another rope to climb. Shortly after, take another descent, but the rope doesn't reach all the way down. Jump down—don't worry, there's water at the bottom.

Exit the water to the left. After walking straight for a bit, you'll come to a depression. Descend here as it's the only path deeper into the cave. Follow it until you reach the next two wooden barriers. You know what to do.

In the cavern ahead, you'll soon see the container with Artifact Piece D, slightly elevated. Take the stone path on the right to reach it.

Find Artifact Piece E

Sons of the Forest Locations of all artifact pieces E
Artifact Piece E is found in a cave a bit northeast of the island's center. (Sons of the Forest)

Enter the marked cave through a narrow crack in the ground, recognizable by the rope attached at the entrance. Descend the rope, turn around, and follow the path straight. When a skeleton falls to the ground in front of you, turn left. Follow the path through the water and continue descending on the right.

Next, you'll need to dive for a while, but the cave path is completely straight here. Surface and continue straight. You'll spot a wooden barrier ahead between the rocks. Break it with your axe and follow the path.

A few meters ahead, on the right side of the floor, you'll find a note next to a skeleton. Take it and continue straight down the descent in the ground. Walk straight past several wooden crosses, then turn right at the second opportunity.

At the end of this corridor, descend another level. A little further behind you, you'll see the container with Artifact Piece E.

Functions of the Reassembled Artifact

The restored artifact serves at least three purposes.

  • Gold-plating objects: When you let the artifact interact with an object you've built, it effectively turns it into gold. However, it actually transforms the object into the novel material from which the giant cube at "Site 2" is made. The advantage is that gold-plated objects or structures are more resistant than their originals (see also the first image below).
  • Teleportation: Holding and activating the artifact teleports you to a teleportation point of your choosing. You can set this point by constructing the peculiar stone pedestal found in the notebook under the "Notes 6" tab (see image 3 below).
  • Defense against attackers: The artifact's energy can be transferred to a totem-like installation, as seen in image 2 below. If you let the artifact interact with it for long enough, lightning strikes it, creating a sort of giant taser with a deterrent effect. Now, you just need to lure your attackers to it. As soon as they notice your new defense installation, they will promptly flee.

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