Sons of the Forest: How to get the Stun Gun

Published: Feb. 23, 2024
Updated: Apr. 18, 2024

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In Sons of the Forest, there are many weapons and tools you can find, including the stun gun. In our guide, we show you how and where to find the taser.

The taser (stun gun) is among the ranged weapons in Sons of the Forest, but it ranks rather low on the weapon tier list. Nevertheless, you should get this little yellow shocker, as it is located right after the start on the serving tray.

Here you find the stun gun (taser) in Sons of the Forest

To get the stun gun, you need neither a shovel, key card, nor rebreather. You might get the ranged weapon right at your first spawn. The taser is indeed located in the northernmost cave, right at a spawn point. We have marked the exact location of the stun gun for you below on the map with a red X.

As soon as you enter the cave, you follow the path until a fork in the road. The right tunnel is illuminated by a spotlight. You follow this path until you reach another cave, which is dimly lit by a red light source. Walk to the end of the cave, where you can see the light better. There, you will then find a corpse hanging from the ceiling. The stun gun is hanging right next to the corpse on a rope.

Ammunition for the stun gun (taser)?

The stun gun in Sons of the Forest, like the other weapons, uses its unique type of ammunition. You can find the ammunition for the taser like most other types of ammo in Sons of the Forest, often in supply boxes or at places like caves, cannibal camps, or other important landmarks on the map.

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