Sons of the Forest: How to find the Stun Baton

Published: Mar. 15, 2023
Updated: Apr. 18, 2024

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In Sons of the Forest, there are countless weapons and tools to find, including a Stun Baton. In our guide, we'll show you how and where you can find the tingling baton.

What can the Stun Baton do? As the name suggests, this is a melee weapon in the form of a baton that is charged with electricity. This means that you can stun your opponents for a short time. You can't make the stun gun yourself, you have to find it. However, this is effortless.

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How to find the Stun Baton in SOTF

Your spawn may be right next to the Stun Baton. This is the case for many players. But even if your spawn is by the sea, you can easily walk the short way to the marked spot and get the Stun Baton right after the game starts, if you'd like to. The exact location of the Stun Baton is marked with a red X on the map.

There you will find a river interrupted by a small waterfall. Below the waterfall a few skulls are piled up to form a totem. The Stun Baton acts as a supporting element within the skulls. You can collect it, and the baton is yours.

How to charge the Stun Baton

A Stun Baton is of course great, but on a deserted island, the question naturally arises of how and where one can recharge such a weapon. A display above the handle shows you how much energy the taser still has. Each time you shock an opponent, the display decreases further. However, you can easily recharge the baton.

For this, you only need a few batteries. These can be found scattered all over the island. The practical thing is that you don't need to insert the batteries into the taser. As long as you have enough batteries in your inventory, the stick recharges itself automatically.

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