Sons of the Forest: How to Use Cheats and The Console

Published: Mar. 09, 2023
Updated: Mar. 09, 2023

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How nice it would be to be able to carry hundreds of logs at once or have over 1,000 rounds of ammo. You can't? Yes, you can! Cheats can make your life in Sons of the Forest a lot easier.

Here's the deal: Since Sons of the Forest is still in Early Access, there is currently no officially designated way to open the console to enter cheats or commands. Thankfully, there are once again diligent modders who have made sure that you can use the console with a trick.

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How to Activate the Console in Sons of the Forest

So that you can use cheats, you must first be able to open the console. To do this, you need a mod that is available on the Thunderstore platform. Once you have downloaded and installed the mod manager and Overwolf, you can search for Sons of the Forest in the game selection. Mark the game, open the profile, and download the following mods under the “Get Mods” section:

Once you have done that, you must click on “Modded” in the upper right corner. With this, you start the modified game. The console can be opened in the game with F1 at any time.

The Most Important Cheats in Sons of the Forest

If you have activated the console, you have countless cheats at your disposal with which you can either strengthen and change yourself, your fellow players, your environment, or your companions.

Sons of the Forest Console

The big number of possible cheats is a bit daunting the first time.

Cheats for your character

Command Effect
aighostplayer on/off Makes you invisible to NPCs.
blockplayerfinaldeath on/off Prevents you from ending up on the game-over-screen after dying frequently.
buffstats Fills up your needs completely.
godmode on/off Makes you invulnerable (but not your armor).
regenhealtch Replenishes your health completely.
setgametimespeed 0 At 0, the game clock stops, so your hunger or thirst indicators won't drop any further.
Setstrengthlevel 50 Increases your strength to 50 and your health to the maximum.
Speedyrun on/off Lets you sprint very fast.
Superjump on/off Lets you jump very high (Attention: Fall damage!).

Cheats for your inventory

Command Effect
Addallitems With this cheat, you get all items that are available in the game.
Additem ID/Name With the corresponding ID, you get the respective item into your inventory.
Sons of the Forest Allitems

This is what a complete full inventory looks like.

Cheats for building

Command Effect
Aidisable on/off Removes all NPCs from the game, resp. brings them back again.
Aipause on/off Freezes all NPCs in the vicinity.
Gravity -100 bis 100 At value 0, there is weightlessness for items. At 11, you also lose the ground under your feet.
Loghack on/off Places infinite logs on your shoulder.
Instantbookbuild on/off The plans from your build book are built immediately.
Spawnworldobject Name You can place objects in the world with the appropriate name, e.g. a rock with “rock”.
Slapchop on/off With two to three slaps, trees turn into trunks.
Sons of the Forest loghack

You can check out on the left whether your cheat is active.

With two to three slaps, trees turn into trunks

Command Effect
cavelight on/off Makes your environment brighter (especially good for caves).
forcerain heavy Changes the weather to rainy.
forcerain sunny Changes the weather to sunny.
save Saves your game state.
season summer Changes season to summer.
season autumn Changes season to autumn.
season winter Changes season to winter.
season spring Changes season to spring.
settimeofday morning Changes time of day to morning.
settimeofday night Changes time of day to night.

Cheats for fighting

Command Effect
Killradius XY Kills everything (even companions!) within the given number of meters.
Igniteradius XY Sets fire to everything (even companions!) within the given radius.
aighostplayer on Enemies ignore you.

Cheats for your companion

Command Effect
Addcharakter robby XY Spawns as many Kelvins as you want.
Addviginia Spawns a Virginia.
Aigodmode on/off Makes your companions, but also all other NPCs invulnerable.
Virginiasentiment 0 bis 100 Sets the trust value of Virginia to you.
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