Starfield: How to Steal the Whiskey from Governor Hurst

Published: Sep. 12, 2023
Updated: Feb. 19, 2024

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In Starfield, the miner Rivkah seeks your help. You're tasked with appeasing her cruel father with a bottle of his favorite whiskey; here's where you can get one for free.

Where to get a bottle of "Red Harvest Reserve Whiskey" (TLDR):

  • Head to Cydonia. The city is located on Mars in the Sol system.
  • Look for Governor Hurst's office.
  • Steal the whiskey bottle from his desk. Just make sure not to get caught!

How to steal Red Harvest Reserve Whiskey in Starfield

Red Harvest Reserve Whiskey in Starfield

You can find a bottle of Red Harvest Reserve Whiskey on the table next to Governor Hurst in his office. To find it, you need to head to Cydonia. Next, you need to go down from the entrance, keeping to the right side. When you get inside the Governor's office, you'll see the bottle of whiskey you're looking for on the table across from Hurst. If you try to just pick it up, you will fail, as he is keeping a close eye on it and also never leaves his office.

To steal Red Harvest Reserve Whiskey from Governor Hurst, you have to use any other object you see around you or in your inventory to push the bottle. You have to slide it to the floor in front of Hurst's desk so that he cannot see you from behind his computer monitor. Just sneak around so that the Governor won't see you, and you can steal the whiskey without any consequences.

If you run into trouble and for some reason, you can't steal Red Harvest Reserve Whiskey the first way, you can simply roll it as far away from the Governor's office as possible, where no one will see you. This method is even easier to achieve, and you will get the highly desired bottle of whiskey.

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