Supernormal: Complete Walkthrough & all Achievements

Published: Jan. 09, 2024
Updated: Jan. 10, 2024

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Alex, our horror game expert, has played through Supernormal several times. He's here to spill the beans on how to unravel this game, which draws heavy inspiration from Allison Road.

In this guide, you'll discover:

  • How Supernormal's gameplay operates in detail.
  • Where to find all the clues related to the crime and the email login information.
  • The actions that will unlock either a good or bad ending.

Complete Solution to Supernormal with all Achievements

Supernormal 100% Walkthrough All Achievements

Hitori de Productions has created a highly impactful horror adventure with Supernormal. It's no surprise, as the developer has extensively borrowed from the unreleased Allison Road, a clone of the Playable Teaser (P.T.) for Silent Hills.

The story of this visually stunning and audibly hair-raising apartment horror progresses through finding clues and solving camera puzzles. This can be somewhat challenging, especially on your first playthrough, so we'll describe how to fully complete this horror journey, including unlocking all Steam achievements.

How to Advance the Story in Supernormal

Upon first entering Masato Sakamoto's apartment, you might be unsure of your objectives. Essentially, Supernormal is divided into three phases:

  • Phase 1: Search all rooms for clues about the whereabouts of Sakamoto's daughter, Sophia.
  • Phase 2: Use surveillance cameras to find the login name for an email account.
  • Phase 3: Finally, figure out the password for the email account.
Supernormal 100% Walkthrough All Achievements 02
You'll know you're searching for an email password in Supernormal when you see the writing shown above.

The First Phase

Start by searching all rooms for objects marked with a circular interaction symbol when focused on. Interacting with these objects using the action button (left mouse click or controller buttons A/X) will prompt Wyatt to comment, furthering the story.

To find all objects relevant to the investigation, refer to the screenshots under "All Clues in Sakamoto's Apartment." By interacting with these objects, you unlock seven of the 22 total Steam achievements.

The Second and Third Phases

What follows is a repetitive gameplay loop. Interact with the laptop in the living room on the ground floor and operate the installed surveillance cameras. Each time you do this, you'll either find a new clue or trigger a new event in the apartment.

Remember, some things are only visible in night vision mode, so it's best to keep it always active. If nothing happens, cycle through all the cameras again. Then go to the clue or event to progress; after that, return to the laptop and start over.

Supernormal 100% Walkthrough All Achievements 01
Using the surveillance camera sometimes triggers events like this. Go there to advance the story.

Yes, this is how you solve the entire game and automatically unlock the remaining achievements. If you want to shorten the gameplay, find screenshots of all email clues under "All Clues for Email Login & Password."

Unlock the Good or Bad Ending in Supernormal

Whether you witness the good or bad ending primarily depends on your actions during Phases 2 and 3. Key factors include:

  • The Deep Voice: An alien-like deep voice will repeatedly ask you to "Look behind you." Whether you comply or not affects the game's ending. Avoid turning around after the command to reach the bad ending.
  • The Emails: To complete the game, you must log into the email account on the laptop. Whether you read all emails or not will influence the ending. For the bad ending, read all the emails; otherwise, focus directly on the last email – Sophia's.

Afterwards, head upstairs to enjoy Supernormal's credits.

Supernormal: All Clues in Sakamoto’s Apartment

Near the Entrance (Hallway)




Laundry Room

Living Room

Supernormal: All Clues for Email Login & Password

Clues for Email Login (Username)

Night vision mode on the surveillance cameras must be active, or the writings won’t be visible.

Clues for Email Password

Sophia’s ghost guides you to the next clue location with light switch games. To reveal each blood-written clue, press the corresponding light switch twice.

Supernormal has been available on PC via Steam since January 8, 2023. Whether developer Hitori de Productions plans versions for popular consoles like Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X/S is currently unknown.


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