Valheim: This is how you find the Merchant and that is what he offers

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In the Viking co-op survival Valheim there is a Merchant in the open game world who not only buys valuable items from you but also sells useful things. We’ll tell you how you can easily get to the Merchant.

How to get to the Merchant: If you don’t want to spend hours trying to find the dealer in your current world, there is a simple solution. Just create a new world where the merchant will be waiting for you near the spawn.

The trick is that your character can enter several worlds and keep their entire inventory. So you can confidently create a new world especially for the dealer and then always return to your normal world.

Also interesting

When you start a new world, pay attention to the seed. This is generated randomly but can be adjusted. If you enter the seed “42069lolxd“, the dealer appears very close to you. You only have to hike south along the coast for about 5 minutes until you meet the dealer in the Black Forest. Easy to see on the map:


This is what the Merchant sells: The Merchant himself offers you 6 different items that are really useful.

  • Yule has for 100 gold: Seems like a festive hat without much use.
  • Dverger circlet for 620 gold: A headband that works like a headlamp and is particularly useful in dark caves when you don’t want to hold a torch in your hand.
  • Megingjord for 950 gold: A belt that increases your carrying capacity by 150. A very useful item if you are constantly carrying around heavy things like ores.
  • Ymir flesh for 120 gold: An ingredient that you need to make Iron Sledgehammer.
  • Fishing rod for 350 gold: the only way to get a fishing rod.
  • Fishing bait x50 for 10 gold: bait for fishing.


How to sell items at the Merchant: You can of course also sell items at the Merchant, but it works a little differently than you might think. If you have opened the menu from the Merchant, you will see the items that you can buy. Below you have the “Buy” button and your gold. To the right of it, there is another button with a gold coin on it, that is the sales button.

If you have valuable items with you such as necklaces, amber, gems, or gold, you can press the button and automatically sell one stack at a time. Similar to how the repair works. Since you can’t use the valuable items anyway, except for selling, it’s not so bad that you can’t choose what you want to sell yourself. The Merchant doesn’t want your other items anyway.

Have you already found the Merchant and bought their inventory empty? How much gold do you already own in Valheim? Write us in the comments!


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