Valheim Boss Guide: This is how you call and defeat Yagluth

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In the co-op survival game Valheim there are currently 5 bosses that you have to defeat for Odin’s blessing. But they are not that easy to find or even conquer! We’ll tell you how to call and defeat the fifth and, for the time being, last boss, Yagluth.

You have to know that: To get Odin’s blessing, you have to defeat his ancient arch-enemies in the form of 5 bosses in the Viking co-op survival. The fifth boss appears in the form of a huge, legless skeleton named Yagluth.

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This is the fifth Valheim Boss Yagluth

This is Yagluth: The fifth and, for the time being, last boss in Valheim has holed up in the Plains. Yagluth appears in the shape of a huge legless skeleton with a crown on its head. You can find the runestone for its position on large standing stones in the Plains biome.


  • Biom: Plains
  • Rewards:
    • New material (not yet implemented)
    • Yagluth trophy
    • Yagluth Power, which when activated increases your defense against elemental damage for 5 minutes

What you need for summoning: Once you have found the location for the sacrifice ritual, you have to sacrifice the correct item. You have to collect 5 Fuling Totems for this. You can find them with the Fuling shamans, goblin-like creatures. If you sacrifice the items, the boss appears and the fight begins.

These are Yagluth skills: The Skellet King has various skills that he uses against you:

  • Yagluth hits the ground with his fist, dealing area damage.
  • He conjures meteors that rain down on a certain area.
  • He has a long-range fire breath in a cone-shaped area in front of him.

How to Conquer Yagluth: To prepare for the fight against Yagluth, bring the best black metal equipment and weapons with you. You should also have enough food and potions with you. Yagluth’s attacks are easy to spot. If his fist lights up blue, he will hit the ground. If his fist shines orange, meteors are coming from the sky. If he lifts his head, he begins to work his fiery breath.

If you play alone, you should attack Yagluth from a distance with a bow and thus decimate his life points in peace. But take enough arrows with you. If you play with friends, the players who are not focused by Yagluth can stand behind the Skeleton King and attack in close combat.

Once you have collected Yagluth’s head, you can hang it up as a trophy on the sacrificial stones and receive a useful buff that increases your defense against elemental damage for 5 minutes after activation. If you still want to defeat the other bosses, take a look at our Valheim boss guides.


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