Where to find Emberseeker Medallion in Palia

Published: Sep. 18, 2023
Updated: Sep. 18, 2023

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In the newest patch of the game, which was released recently, you will have access to 4 new vault bundles. Perhaps the most interesting of them is the Emberseeker's bundle, where your main task will be to find 6 Emberseeker Medallions. After reading this guide, you will learn where to find all the Emberseeker Medallions in Palia.

Fortunately, it is not difficult to do, but it may take some time because the items are located throughout the map in chests that are not easy to find. Don't worry, we know all the locations of the medallions and will be happy to share them with you.

Palia: Emberseeker Medallion Loaction

As we mentioned above, there are 6 medallions in the game you'll need to obtain. To access the task, you need to complete A Catalyzing Caper quest, after which you will receive a letter from Jina that will start the Vault of the Flames quest. This will start a new adventure and allow you to go exploring. So here's where to look for each of the medallions:

Palia: Emberseeker Medallion #1

  • Emberseeker Medallion #1: After you receive the letter from Jina, you'll have to go to her to talk and learn more. Visit Night Sky Island to meet her, after which she tells you about a strange medallion she found in Bahari Bay and then gives it to you.

Palia: Emberseeker Medallion #2

  • Emberseeker Medallion #2: After listening to Jina, you'll need to head to Bahari Bay, as that's where most of the medallions will be located. Head to a Thorny Thicket and walk to the edge of the creek. You'll notice the roots of a tree and a chest just below them. Open it to get the second medallion.

Palia: Emberseeker Medallion #3

  • Emberseeker Medallion #3: On the northwest side of Bahari Bay, you can find a wrecked ship on the land. Head over there and crawl through the gap inside to find another chest containing the third medallion.

Palia: Emberseeker Medallion #4

  • Emberseeker Medallion #4: The next medallion is under the bridge near Lighthouse Lagoon. Staying at ground level, move to the south bridge, where there will be another chest with the required item.

Palia: Emberseeker Medallion #5

  • Emberseeker Medallion #5: Another one is located near the Beachcomber Cave fast travel point. Go there and move in the direction of Windy Ruins. Along the way, there will be a chest that you can loot to get the medallion.

Palia: Emberseeker Medallion #6

  • Emberseeker Medallion #6: The last one is in the caves near Hideaway Bluffs. Enter the cave from the open area to the south and head down. Here, you will find a secret passage through the leaves. After going through them, you will find another passage that will lead you to a room with a chest and a medallion inside it.

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Thus, after spending just 10 minutes of time, you will find all the medallions you need to complete the task, good luck. But before you go, if you are looking for more content like this, feel free to read our guide on how to play Palia on Steam Deck.

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