Starfield: Build a new Ship From Scratch, Here's how it Works

Published: Sep. 18, 2023
Updated: Feb. 28, 2024

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In Starfield, it's possible to build new spaceships from scratch. Our guide explains how you can achieve this using the ship editor of the space role-playing game.

How to build a new spaceship in Starfield (TLDR):

  • Approach a ship technician at the spaceports of major cities. They will grant you access to the ship editor, also known as the Ship Builder.
  • In the Ship Builder, double-click on any part of one of your ships to select it.
  • Once selected, all parts of the spaceship can be removed by pressing the delete key ("Del").

How to use the Ship Builder in Starfield

Starfield How to build ship from scratch Guide

Building a new ship in Starfield might seem off the table at first glance, as the Ship Builder appears to only grant access to existing spacecraft in your possession for modifications and part swaps. However, creating a completely new vessel from scratch in an empty Ship Builder is indeed doable.

More About Ships in Starfield:

If you're not familiar with Starfield's ship building, here's a quick look at it all. In order to modify or build a ship, you need to open the Ship Builder, but this doesn't work at all times or in all places.

Starfield Neues Schiff bauen Guide 03
Step 1: Open up the Ship Builder in Starfield.

You can only access the Ship Builder via a ship technician, whom you have to talk to. These guys can often be found in spaceports, for example in New Atlantis. This is also the easiest place to get to, as long as your ship is not on the edge of the universe.

In New Atlantis, a ship's technician is standing by at the vending machine of the trade supervision, and thus almost directly in front of the ship. Select the dialog option "I want to see and modify my ships" to display the Ship Builder.

Select all Ship Parts

The ship editor opens as usual with a model of your home ship, which you can now modify part by part. However, to build a completely new ship, move the mouse cursor to any part of the current ship and double-click it. All parts of the ship will then light up red, which means that all parts are selected.

Starfield Neues Schiff bauen Guide 04
Step 2: Double click on a single part of the ship to select all parts.

What comes now, you may already know from other editors or from Windows: Press the Delete key ("Del") to delete all parts of the ship. This way you really remove the complete spaceship and only an empty space remains.

Starfield How to build new ship from scratch Guide 02
Step 3: Press the Delete key to delete the entire ship.

And that's almost it. Lastly, simply press the "G" key for "Add" to open the window with all the ship parts that can be built (see picture below). Use the "Q" and "T" keys to navigate between categories within the window, such as reactors, shield and structure. We wish you success in building your first space ride!

Starfield How to build new ship from scratch Guide 01
Step 4: Start constructing an entirely new ship. (Starfield)
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