Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Sepapa Shrine Walkthrough (Central Hyrule)

Published: May. 26, 2023
Updated: Jun. 15, 2023

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The Sepapa Shrine of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is located in Central Hyrule and offers nice rewards. This guide will show you how to solve all the puzzles contained in Sepapa Shrine.

Here's the deal: Sepapa Shrine is one of a total of 152 shrines in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. At a fixed interval, shrines offer status improvements for Link and decent rewards on top of that. However, you'll have to solve several puzzles to do so, including Sepapa Shrine. Below you will learn how to solve all the puzzles of the facility.

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Zelda TotK: Sepapa Shrine Solution

Go to the interior of Hyrule and there to the area east of Hyrule Castle. The exact coordinates of the Sepapa Shrine are 0222, 1084, 0028. You probably already know the drill, so interact with the holography in the middle of the stone portal on the spot and enter the shrine. Straight ahead you'll see a moving platform. Stand on it and then cast time reversal. This will take you to the next floor.

Walk straight ahead until you reach the iron grate in the wall, then jump onto the "raft" in the water on the right. Have a torch ready, because you will need to light something on the other bank. If necessary, light the torch on one of the small "water torches" located in the middle of the water. When you reach the other side, burn the red vine. This will burn the wooden platform above you and a treasure chest will fall down.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Sepapa Shrine Solution 01

Breath of the Wild players already know about this trick.

Jump back onto the raft and cast time reversal on it so that it transports you back to the other side. Now light the two extinguished torches on the left and right of the gate with your torch. The gate will open and you can pass through.

Now run up the ramp on the right. Further back you'll see a sphere. Lift it into the hollow in front of you with the help of the Ultra Hand. As soon as a gate opens at the top left in a film sequence, lift the sphere into the hollow at the beginning of the ramp. Then go through the first gate on the left and apply time reversal to the sphere from there. That's it. You can now pass the second gate and get a light blessing from the shrine.

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