The Best Star Citizen Alternatives - Here They Are & They Are Great

Published: Jun. 11, 2021
Updated: Nov. 10, 2021

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Star Citizen has been in the works for years and a release is still a long way off, so today we're going to show you the best alternatives for Star Citizen, of which there are admittedly not many.

A long time ago: The space MMO Star Citizen has been in development since 2011 under the direction of Chris Roberts. He worked on space sims like freelancer or Wing Commander with the difference that they were singleplayer games. But we understand that not everyone wants to get into an alpha with an uncertain future, and that's why the best Star Citizen alternatives come here!

These Are the Best Alternatives to Star Citizen

The well is dry: Before I give you some of the best alternatives to Star Citizen, I should tell you that there isn't much competition. The space simulation market has been swept empty for years. However, this does not apply to the singleplayer games, which have been celebrating their renaissance for some time now. In the multiplayer area, however, the search for Star Citizen alternatives is more difficult.

1. Elite Dangerous

What it's about: In Elite Dangerous, nothing stands in the way of you really doing everything. You can become a pirate who attacks other players and AI traders, become a trader yourself, or try your hand at politics.

For many areas of space travel, you can choose from 38 playable spaceships that meet your requirements and each has advantages and disadvantages. So where your journey takes you only depends on you and your spaceship.

You have to know that: Elite Dangerous immediately seems to be the alternative to Star Citizen that comes closest to Roberts Space Sim. On the one hand, you control your ships directly from the cockpit and on the other hand, like Star Citizen, Elite claims to be realistic.

But when it comes to the gameplay itself, you have to note that Elite Dangerous leaves you alone. True to the motto: "Nobody hears you asking in space", you have to do the start without in-game tutorials.

You can usually get help quickly via the official forum and in YouTube tutorials. In addition, the Elite Dangerous community counts as incredibly nice, as long as they are not just blasting the booty out of your cargo space.

Latest Updates: Recently the developers at Frontier Developments released a giant addon for Elite Dangerous called "Odyssey". Since then, you can not only romp around in vehicles on countless planetary surfaces but also on foot. This also brings completely new quest options, because thanks to Odyssey you can let firearms do the talking, just like in Star Citizen.

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2. EvE Online

What it's about: EvE Online is equated with Elite Dangerous by many fans. At first glance this is understandable, but not at the next. EvE Online scales its universe a little smaller and less accurately than Elite Dangerous. Instead of 400 billion stars there are "only" around 8,000 here.

But here, too, you try to leave your footprint in the galaxy and you can choose one or more professions that will bring you more and more money, power, and ships. EvE Online offers a total of around 340 spaceships, from small fighters to gigantic cruisers.

The newly bought spaceships need upgrades. The community calls fresh ships "hulls", which you expand and improve as you increase your game experience. In addition, you can also set up space stations that automatically mine raw materials from moons or manufacture spaceships.

What you need to know: EvE Online also leaves you completely alone in the meteorite shower at the beginning of the game. And unlike Elite Dangerous or Star Citizen, you can lose almost everything here.

If your spaceship is destroyed, it remains destroyed and your claimed region has been torn from under the nail, then you have to deal with it. Only your skills and the money in your global account will remain after your virtual death.

Latest updates: The developers of CCP Games recently released an update entitled "Fleet Maneuver". The name says it all, because since the update was released you can let your fleet travel through space in certain formations.

This is particularly useful for the war, which is known for its gigantic mass battles with millions of losses for players. Apart from that, even 13 years after release, EvE Online keeps getting new updates. The developers probably don't intend to give up the game anytime soon.

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3. No Man Sky

What it's about: No Man Sky is probably not on every list of Star Citizen alternatives. But let me tell you, the game is very similar to Chris Roberts'. But one big difference is probably the game's graphics. These are far more colorful and friendlier than Star Citizen or an alternative from the ones above.

In addition, the focus here lies on exploring. No Man Sky probably offers the largest playground. With over 18 quintillion planets, it's basically impossible to discover everything here. Due to the beings and planets, most of which come from the random generator, you can often come across similar sights.

By the way, No Man Sky is the only game on our list that has a real story ending. If you have achieved this, you can then continue to play as normal.

What you need to know: No Man Sky has a very busy history and was announced as an MMORPG at the time. The game from developer Hello Games only earned this genre name sometime after its release in 2016.

Now you can travel with your friends through the almost endless expanses of space, encountering different alien factions and mysterious ruins. No Man Sky is the most beginner-friendly of the Star Citizen alternatives. At the beginning of the game you get an explanation of all functions, but in return, the game mechanics of No Man Sky are not as deep as in other Space Sims.

Latest Updates: Over the past 5 years, No Man Sky has received a number of major updates that have improved the game every time. Among other things, the developers brought base construction, improved trade and large flyable cruisers. In the future there will certainly be a lot more to the game, but what exactly is still unknown.

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What are your go-to alternatives for Star Citizen?

Do you have a completely different game that you play and love instead of Star Citizen? Let us know in a comment below this article. Speaking of alternatives, you can also follow us on Facebook and join the best online community here.

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