Rust Twitch Drops in May 2022: These Are The 9 New Items in Round 17

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New year, new luck, there are new Rust Twitch Drops to collect again in May 2022. will now tell you how you can get them and which cool skins await you.

What are Twitch Drops? Some developers and games switch to the Twitch Livestream platform for short. These then start temporary partnerships. Among other things, this should stimulate interaction on Twitch and at the same time arouse interest in a particular game – both on the part of the streamers and the viewers. The latter also get free items.

Rust Twitch Drops in May 2022! Get these 9 item skins

These are the items: There are a total of 9 new Rust Twitch Drops in May that you can dust off over the next few days just by watching. Since most of these are not streamer drops, you don’t have to watch any streamer directly. So you can watch and clear wherever the drops are active. The streamers mark this with “!Drops” or “ActiveDrops”. But now to the skins!


General drops (in all streams)

  • Hammer – Camomo
  • Rocket Launcher – Lucroan
  • Large Wooden Chest – Monny-ssima
  • Crossbow – 12robg
  • Garage Door – 03Alexia03
  • Assault Rifle – IsVolcano
  • Garage Door – Tore1005

Streamer specific drops

  • Medal double door – NotoriusPig
  • MP5 – elbanan0

When does it start? Round 17 of Rust-Twitch Drops starts on May 05 (09:00 p.m. CET) and ends a few days later on May 13, 2022. This time it’s all about Twitch Rivals, for which you’ll get the new collection of Twitch Drops skins.

How to get the Rust Twitch Drops

How it works: To get your hands on Rust’s coveted Twitch drops, you don’t have to do much. You don’t have to watch a specific streamer for any drop. But before you do, here’s what you need to do before you can get any drops at all:

  • Link your Twitch account to Rust. Authorize the whole thing afterward.
  • Log in via Steam
  • Finally, activate the Twitch drops for your account
  • You can find the tutorial including links on the developer’s website (via
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Pay attention to this: Although you can watch the streamer to whom you also allow your view time, if it has not activated Twitch Drops, you will not receive any Rust Twitch Drops even after 20 hours. Most of the streamers who have activated those items during a drop event write this in their stream title!



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