Sons of The Forest: Full Map - Map Size, Spawns & Locations

Published: Mar. 01, 2023
Updated: Apr. 26, 2024

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Sons of the Forest is here, but there is no large map, with the help of GPS Guided has uncovered and mapped the entire map for you. We have also calculated the map size of Sons of The Forest.

What is it about? In Sons of The Forest, there is no map to help you find your way around the new, much larger game world. Instead, you get a GPS device, which you can zoom in and out by pressing the middle mouse button. Problem: This GPS only shows a small part of the whole map. We have uncovered the entire map for you in several hours and put it together for you!

  • The map with spawns, loot & story clues.
  • Points of interest on the map.
  • Accurate Map size of the island.
  • Interactive map of Sons of The Forest.

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The Map of Sons of The Forest with Spawns, Loot & Caves

What can you see? On the following map, you can see a revealed version of the map from Sons of The Forest. The symbols on the map indicate specific locations:

  • Exclamation marks: story clues & items.
  • Green circles: Important places where special items are hidden
  • Gray arcs: These are cave entrances.
  • Blue Pings/Dots: All spawns in Sons of The Forest.

High Rez Map of Sons of The Forest with Spawns and more.

UPDATE Version with more JPEG: We are already working on a more detailed and high-resolution map of Sons of The Forest. But this task needs more time! Thanks to the Redditor /u/Meryhathor who helped us out with a high-rez map from the in-game files, thank you a thousand times!

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More about Sons of The Forest

What is There to Discover on the Sons of The Forest Map?

  • In the northeast (at the bottom left of the map) you will find a gigantic golf course built by the missing billionaire.
  • Further up the map, next to the lake, you'll find a bunker. In this bunker, you will find the 3D printer, which allows you to print special equipment.
  • In the middle of the map is a large snowy mountain that takes a long time to get around. Make sure you secure the climbing axe early.

What is the Exact Map Size of Sons of The Forest?

With our calculations, we come to the map size of 9.00 km² (square kilometers) in Sons of The Forest and a side length of about 3,000 meters by 3,000 meters -- In our calculation exactly 2,920 meters per side.


Calculated the map size of Sons of The Forest and rounded it up to a more correct number.

This is how we proceeded: We calculated the size of the map in Sons of The Forest, for this we did a lot of research, calculations, and tinkering. First, we needed a unit of measurement, difficult since we are in the forest without man-made objects -- But wait! We came to the island with one, the helicopter! So we took a close look at the helicopter at the crash site and researched which model it was. Clear answer: Airbus H135 and which is 12.19 meters long (via

However, the helicopter at the crash is dented, bent, and broken. So we built a straight line out of sticks, this can be done with the help of stick paths. Granted, we probably added or took away a few inches here and there. Steps counted along the helicopter: 12 steps, roughly one-meter step length.

On to the beach, looking for a flat area without hills or obstacles -- and found it. Here we made out two fixed points and watched the GPS at the same zoom level and angle. After 80 steps, the beach was over. Superimposed images, measured pixel by pixel, then calculated the distance. 80 meters, 20% on it -- you get the idea. Any questions left? Write us a comment!

Here we measure the run distance pixel by pixel.

Here we measure the run distance pixel by pixel.

As soon as we find more interesting points to explore, we'll update this article. Now it's your turn, what places did you find while exploring Sons of The Forest on the big map? Share your experiences in the comments or in the Facebook group linked above. Now we invite you to explore our YouTube channel! Here you can find guides in video form and various short videos!


This is the old version!

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