Deadside Update 0.2.0 - New Screenshots Show Visual Update

Published: Jun. 17, 2021
Updated: Jun. 17, 2021

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Developer Bad Pixel published new pictures of the upcoming Deadside Update 0.2.0 on Twitter, not only showing visual upgrades for existing locations after new ones were already shown (more on that later) - and that looks great!

This is what the patch brings: The upcoming Deadside Update 0.2.0 looks fantastic. You can see this from the published screenshots showing old and new locations. In addition, an expansion of the map awaits you this time.

This is how good the world of Deadside looks in Update 0.2.0

The secret star: No question about it, the open world plays a major role in Deadside. By far the most love seems to have flowed into this. This love of the developers does not seem to be waning, because they keep talking about new locations here and another there in the patch notes of their updates.

In the upcoming update 0.2.0 of Deadside, some new locations should be brought into the game. Well, that cannot be avoided when expanding the map, but players want something else in the meantime.

This is shown by the screenshots

  • The first pictures from the new Deadside Update mainly show revised locations.
  • Starting with the port city in the south of the map. There is now more detail in the streets, dirt, rubbish and wrecks.
  • Now, the skyscrapers are accessible by the way. For a long time, the community was annoyed that the apparent decoration was. In the gallery, you can also see the interiors and hallways of the houses.
  • Another series of pictures shows mainly factory grounds. Above all, they have to counter the force of nature and overgrowth, as the concrete bunkers are slowly being recaptured

When is the update coming? Unfortunately, there is no exact release even weeks after the first announcement. Even a rough estimate is always difficult to give with such early access titles. But if you want to know what is still in the biggest update of Deadside, click here:

Deadside Update 0.20 is Gigantic: Brings Map Expansion & Content - Now on Test Server

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