Rust Update in May brings Nuclear Silo, Wipe Army & Houses Skins

Published: May. 05, 2023
Updated: May. 05, 2023

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The latest Rust update in May (2023) has been released and is one of the biggest and best updates for the survival game. We'll tell you what's hidden in the patch notes and what new features you can expect.

The update at a glance: Today, on 05 May 2023, the latest Rust update was released. This patch, the developers have announced with drumbeats - and to what? To be right! Among other things, you can expect:

  • New Monument Silo
  • An explanation for the name RUST
  • Building skins
  • Events at the end of wipes.
  • Many adjustments & changes.

This is the new nuclear silo monument in Rust.

The new silo is one of the largest in Rust and spans several floors both above and below ground. In addition, a new species of scientist called the "Night Vision Scientists" guards this monument and comes along with 300 HP. But it's definitely worth it to kill them, among other things they drop ammunition, weapon attachments, medicine, and tools. Let's not forget about the loot you can find in and around the silo, though:

  • Brown crates
  • Green crates
  • Military crates
  • Diesel barrels

This is the new Silo Monument in Rust.

You can enter the surface completely free and only have to keep an eye on the enemies. To get in and out of the underground you need a blue keycard, which you need to find at another monument first. You can find the corresponding lock in one of the wooden barracks on the surface. Once opened, you have about 30 seconds to hop into the silo shaft in the middle of the monument. After the time has expired, it will be firmly locked again.

Once underground, you'll find yourself in a dark maze. Hopefully you'll have not only a flashlight, but enough medicine and ammunition with you. In total, more than 20 of the new scientists await you here.

Got all defeated? Well, now you can loot everything and look around the nuclear warheads on the lowest floor of the facility (level 5). Here you will find, among other things, a laptop that tells you the time until the next wipe in days, hours, and minutes.

On this laptop you can see when Wipe is.

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This is what Rust means: The new silo also explains to you on the screens of the laptop why Rust is actually called Rust. To quote a colleague when I told him I knew the meaning of "Rust": "Öh, is' halt English and means rust" - thanks, Mr. Colleague!

But in reality, Rust stands for

"Repopulation Unit Survival Test"

This new piece of lore fits in nicely with the new events that will soon create war-like conditions at the end of a wipe.

New events for wipe end bring drive army up

With the latest Rust update in May comes not only cool new features, but also the army. Towards the end of a wipe, the presence of heavily armed units on the map increases. In the sky, fighter jets fly over the island; on the ground, Bradley tanks patrol the streets, taking fire at anything that looks remotely human - even you....

Whether ground troops in the form of soldiers or armed scientists are also in the game is unclear so far. However, we will be able to confirm or deny this by the next global wipe at the latest. We also goit a calendar for wipes in Rust.

Jets will fly over you

New building skins for players willing to pay

The last big innovation in the current Rust update are the first building skins. With these you can customize the appearance of your base before and after building it. So far, there is only one skin pack that transforms your stone buildings into sandstone. Your roofs will also turn into tile roofs, so your base will soon no longer look like the Flintstones' lair thanks to old flagstone roofs.

The only thing that could keep you away from the Rust home improvement project is the price. Because the building skins are a goodwill update on the part of the developers. You have to buy the skin packages individually at release. The first package costs 12.99 € in the Steam store.

Further innovations in the Rust update in May 2023

  • The recoil of Thompson and MP5 has been revised.
  • World models of ammunition boxes are finished and are no longer displayed as a bag.
  • Skins of players and their equipment can no longer be disabled by themselves. Only the admin of a server can adjust this setting.
  • Opponents blinded by stun grenades hold their hands in front of their faces. This way you can better see if you really got them.
  • Fixed cameras (CCTV) on monuments no longer work on RustPlus servers.
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