Get the Blue Key Cards in Rust - All Locations & Door Puzzles

Published: May. 05, 2023
Updated: Jun. 15, 2023

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In this Rust guide, we will show you in a compact and simple manner how to get the blue key card in Rust. On page 2, you can also find out where the blue doors are and how to solve their puzzles.

What are key cards? In Rust there are three different key cards that open closed doors on the map. Behind those are tons of excellent weapons, armor, ammunition, and scrap. The cards are divided into three categories:

Blue key card in Rust - Locations & puzzles

Middle-class loot thanks to a card: With the green key card, you are primarily looking for entry-level equipment. However, you will also need it to get the blue key card in Rust. If you do not yet have a green card, you will find the relevant guide above.

The blue key card brings you mid-range loot, including weapons, crafting material and armor. We will now show you where and how to find the blue card. What you need in advance are not only the green cards but also fuses.

1. Key card at the great harbor (Harbor 2)

In the middle of the large harbor or "Harbor 2" there is a red hangar and a small forecourt, which is also encircled by streets. There is a gray container house next to the parked forklifts. Here you insert the fuse and activate the switch on the outside.

Then walk into the hangar, and you will find another container house on the right wall. Once you have successfully activated the electricity, all you have to do is use your green key card, which of course you found thanks to our last guide. The blue key card is now on the table in front of you.


2. Small Harbor (Harbor 1)

At one end of the port, there is a helicopter landing pad, next to which there is a two-story container house. On the first floor, you put a fuse in the fuse box and pull the lever next to it.

Now go back outside and up the stairs on your left. Again you use a green key card to open the door. There should now be another blue keycard on the left desk.


3. Satellite monument

Find the large satellite dishes and look out for two rusted container huts. One of the two can be entered without a card and here you insert a fuse again. The corresponding lever is located on the outer rear of the hut.

The second hut right next door is once again protected by a green door that you can open with the appropriate key card. The blue key card is now on the desk at the entrance.


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4. Sewerage

For the sewer (OT: Sewer Branch) it is best to bring a flashlight or torch. But before you throw yourself into the sewer, you have to install the fuse in the rusty hut. It stands a bit off the actual monument, but here alone, which is why you cannot miss it.

Jump into the first manhole you can see in front of the hut and run down the pipe. Here you activate the door again with a green key card. In the center of the sewer system, there is scaffolding made of sheet metal and wood. You can also recognize the room by the many fire barrels. On a balcony above the lower level, you will find a desk with the last blue key card in Rust.


5. Buy the blue key card in Rust

If you don't want to collect green key cards, you can also buy the blue key cards in the compound shop. Here a scrap costs 100 and like all other cards, you can use it 10 times.

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