Hunt Showdown: All Information About The Content for The Winter-Event "Winter Solstice"

Published: Dec. 14, 2021
Updated: Dec. 14, 2021

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The Christmas event "Winter Solstice" will start soon in Hunt Showdown. We at will tell you all the important information about the content, the start date, and later the patch notes.

The event at a glance: The Hunt Showdown Christmas event also brings typical innovations and a small update as a seasonal event. This includes all the new gifts that developer Crytek is giving you:

  • festively decorated cards
  • Christmas weapon skins
  • new legendary hunter
  • Event promotions to collect points

When does the event start? The Hunt Showdown winter event "Winter Solstice" starts tomorrow on December 15th and ends on January 5th next year.

There will also be a developer Livestream at 6:00 p.m. CET today. We will of course attach all new information as an update. So that you don't miss out, simply save the article under the bookmarks.


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Update from the livestream: In the Winter Solstice Event, as in other events, you will collect points by completing various tasks in the game. You need these points to unlock rewards in the course of the event. Including 5 legendary weapons, 1 legendary hunter, and other exclusive rewards.

In contrast to the other events, there is no point limit this time and the points collected and required for the individual rewards have been scaled better. So the 10,000 points that are required in total should not be so difficult to achieve. Any points you collect over 10,000 will be converted into Hunt $ after the event. But a maximum of 5,000.

This is how you collect points: To get the points, all you have to do is play Hunt: Showdown and observe the core mechanics. But you can also use seasonal opportunities to collect points.

  • Exploration: Destroy Event Tributes (Gifts)
    • 6 points per gift
    • 12 points per gift under Christmas trees
  • Exploration: Find clues and rifts for 16 points each
  • PvP: Loot dead hunters for 20 points each

event screen

More news from the stream:

  • New seasonal theme song
  • Christmas skins for the Hunt bosses
  • The clues have a chance of having a Christmassy skin
  • The Darksight illuminates tributes within reach
  • A Points and Darksight booster can be purchased for BB during the course of the event
  • Event bundles that are only available exclusively during the event can be purchased in the shop
  • You can also buy the legendary winter bundle from 2020
  • The Lawless DLC is available for PC starting today, December 14th. Console players will have to wait until December 16th.

All known content from the Hunt Showdown Winter Solstice event

This is shown by the new trailer: On December 13th, developer Crytek uploaded a new event trailer. Hunt Showdown is presented here in a wintry setting. You can also admire the new skins, which are based on folklore stories from the Christmas season.

Changes to the maps

  • Clues are decorated with candles
  • You can find Christmas trees all over the map
  • The maps are packed with colorful gifts
  • Bosses wear Christmas outfits

New weapon skins

  • Spirit of Yuel Fire Bomb: How about a bottle of homemade Christmas spirit?
  • Evergreen Derringer: Quadruple Derringer decorated with branches.
  • Calling Bird Throwing Ax: An ax that is decorated with a bird instead of a normal blade.
  • The Mountain King Winfield: There are no detailed pictures of this weapon yet.
  • Corvus saber: A cavalry saber that has a raven skull as a pommel

New legendary hunters

  • The Devil's Advocate: a red wooden goat mask, a black robe, chains and rings as decoration. "The Devil's Advocate" is one of the coolest hunt showdown skins ever!
  • "Ebenezer Scrooge": The name has not been confirmed, we called it that much more than that. In the first teaser (via we see a new hunter who looks like the protagonist from Charles Dickens "A Christmas Story".

The Devil's Advocate Skin plus new Corvus Saber.

More about Hunt Showdown

What else can you expect So far? This is all known information. We will only find out details about the course of the event, how points are earned, and the content of the gifts during the course of the day.

So far not known, but the suspected contents are precisely those point games. While you had to smash statues of ravens at the Scrapbeak event and hunt scarecrows on Halloween, it could be the Christmas trees at Winter Solstice.

You will find out more about this later! Join our wonderful Community on Facebook (via This is where we share the hottest news and where you can find Hunt partners for life.

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