Escape from Tarkov Patch 12.12 online! We have the patch notes

Published: Dec. 12, 2021
Updated: Dec. 12, 2021

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On December 12th, 2021 the new update from Escape from Tarkov came online. A new location, new Ki opponents and indolence are among the highlights of the patch. We have the patch notes for you!

What's going on: The Escape from Tarkov Update 12.12 was officially announced a few days ago, but the date was not really known. Version number 12.12 has suggested that it will be coming online on December 12th. This is exactly what the developers themselves teased, with the words: "You already know the date". So now the time has come, and the patch is online.

The patch notes are also summarized by the EFT YouTuber Pestily:


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These are the highlights of the Escape from Tarkov 12.12 update

A new location

The 12.12 update brings a new location into play, the lighthouse. The lighthouse at Cape Dalniy was an important strategic object in the story of EFT on the way to Tarkov. During the Treaty Wars, it was the main entry point for USEC units and served as their base of operations.

The Scavs also found fallen on the site and occupied it, but only until the old USEC units returned and claimed the tower for themselves again.

Since this is the first implementation of the new location, there are no new bosses yet. But these should be added soon.

A first rough map can be found in the EFT Fandom Wiki from Reddit user u/LordTachankaMain:


However, you will not be able to reach the lighthouse itself as a player. As soon as you try to cross the bridge, you will be shot by a sniper from the Rouge-USECS.

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New AI opponents at the lighthouse

With the new location, new AI opponents appear, the ex-USEC or also called Rouge-USECS. They are well armed, superbly trained, and use coordinated combat strategies to take down their enemies. They may have similar interests as the raiders, but their military past has allowed them to team up successfully.

The Rouge USECs have also holed up at the water treatment plant and are defending this point with stationary machine guns and grenade launchers. The Rouge USECS, when they discover enemies or sense their presence, act very aggressively and prevent further advance.

The Rouges are not directly hostile to other USEC players. If a USEC player approaches, they will first receive a warning before fire is opened. However, if there is a BEAR PMC player in the same group, the firing will take place immediately.

If you are recognized as a traitor as a USEC player by the Rouges, they will act hostile to you for the next few raids. So better be careful what you are doing.

More realistic movements thanks to inertia

Battlestate Games have added inertia to their game for realistic movement behavior. You can feel the sluggishness immediately in the following situations:

  • Walking and strafing
  • Sprint
  • Sharp turns when sprinting
  • Landing after jumping or falling from a great height
  • Lean and dodge

The heavier your equipment, the greater the effects of inertia. For example, it will take you longer to crouch down or to stand up again.

More Escape from Tarkov 12.12 patch notes

Update 12.12 from EFT brings many more adjustments and fixes with it. Among other things:

  • The weapon malfunction mechanics have been expanded.
  • Gun overheating and related effects have been added to the game.
  • The mechanics of the external ammunition ballistics have been improved.
  • Adjusted the recoil mechanics when shooting.
  • VOIP - Voice chat added.
  • Expansion of operational tasks.
  • Added the ability to partially use different types of food and drinks.
  • New items added:
    • New weapons
    • New weapon parts
    • 4 new hand grenades (including impact grenades)
    • New equipment
    • New barter items
    • New keys
    • New storage case (injector case and keycard holder)
    • Rangefinder (handheld rangefinder and tactical rangefinder module)
    • 5 new cartridges
    • New clothing sets for USEC and BEAR
    • New unique bracelets
    • New face types for both factions at the beginning of the game
  • New quests at the lighthouse.
  • Various changes to the graphics options.
  • Various fixes.
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