New Enfusion Engine – This is what DayZ 2 or Arma 4 could look like!

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What can the new game engine from Bohemia Interactive do, and what is planned next? We at Guided.News informs you about the latest status of the Enfusion Engine.

Bohemia Interactive presented the new version of the game engine Enfusion with a video on December 15, 2021. The game engine, which has already been worked on for several years, should be the next component in the new version for future projects.

This is the new Enfusion Engine

The Enfusion engine should not only give the new titles from Bohemia Interactive a modern audiovisual look but should also be characterized by their improved usability for gamers and mod developers.

This is cross-platform and thus enables games to be developed for all platforms at the same time. In addition, the developers have devoted themselves to a significant improvement in the network code, which should promise a better multiplayer experience.

With the new engine, nothing should stand in the way of developing a new Arma. If you would like to take a look at the engine yourself, you can do so in DayZ. The announcement could also bring hope for a new Arma. Because the completion of the engine was one of the prerequisites for a continuation of the military simulation.

Engine also brings Workbench – what’s behind it?

The new engine also comes with a universal toolkit for developers and community creators. The Enfusion Workbench is intended to summarize all professional tools and to be particularly user-friendly. Thanks to the workbench, everyone will be able to easily change the game or mods that are being developed. So the workbench could be a great tool for the DayZ and Arma community.

The Gaming Year 2022 in Trailers:

The following modules are currently available:

  • World Editor for creating the virtual worlds.
  • Particle Editor for visual effects.
  • Animation Editor for the configuration of character and object animations.
  • Script Editor to write and debug scripts in the Enforce language.
  • Audio Editor for audio effects and music.
  • Behavior Editor for defining the behavior of game-controlled characters (AI).
  • Procedural Animation Editor for simpler, game-driven animations.
  • String Editor for language localization.
  • Layout Editor for creating the game’s user interface and others.

Here are a few examples of how it can look like in the game:

New engine – new games?

The development of the Enfusion engine is far from over with the announcement by Bohemia Interactive. It is still unclear whether this is the first cornerstone for a new DayZ or Arma 4.

While we still think a DayZ 2 is unlikely, the current DayZ could benefit from the completion of the engine. The development of the survival title was delayed again and again during the long-lasting Early Access, mainly due to the work on the Enfusion Engine. And even if DayZ has been “finished” for a long time, the work on the title is far from finished or even optimized.

Arma 4, however, is quite likely, as Bohemia Interactive said they want to wait for the Enfusion Engine to complete before starting development. Since this is the case now, there is hardly anything in the way of an Arma 4. We still have to wait for an official announcement from Bohemia though.


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