After Genesis Part 2, ARK Survival Evolved is not over

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Everyone expected that Genesis Part 2 would be the last bite of content for ARK (1) Survival Evolved, the community manager now claims the exact opposite and promises a new map.

What happened: Good news for Ark Survival Evolved fans came up on Twitter. Ark Survival Evolved’s lead community manager tweeted that Genesis Part 2 isn’t the end of ARK 1. It promises so much that we think Ark 2 won’t come for a few years.

This will be released for ARK after Genesis Part 2

The manager reveals: In a tweet that appeared to be published out of nowhere, the Ark Survival Evolved community manager explains that Genesis Part 2 is not the end of ARK 1.

So even after the release of the supposedly last DLC, more content will appear. Unfortunately, he doesn’t reveal what exactly in his post. But he mentions that there might even be another map.

Of course, this also includes other fixes and improvements to the game. Only with the release of ARK 2, the content replenishment should tear off.

Oops: Manager Cedric also writes in his tweet that he has permission for the leak. But he revises that in a separate comment. For confused users, we can only say that this is of course a joke. A community manager knows exactly what to say and what not to say.

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