Baldur's Gate 3: First Update Brings "Gigantic List" Of Changes

Published: Aug. 16, 2023
Updated: Aug. 16, 2023

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Although Baldur's Gate 3 is being celebrated by almost everyone and terms like "the best game ever" are already being bandied about, Larian Studios is by no means resting on its success. Instead, they are already busily working on the first major update for the RPG.

That's what it's all about The final version of Baldur's Gate 3 was released on August 03 of this year. Since then, the hymns of praise and enthusiasm have been pouring in about the role-playing game. But instead of basking in its glory, Larian Studios has confirmed that they are already working on the first major update. This first major patch will not only introduce more bug fixes but also a "gigantic list of tweaks and changes".

What's Known About The First Update Of Baldur's Gate 3

After the very long Early Access phase, Larian Studios is holding back with concrete statements. At least as far as the release of the first major update for Baldur's Gate 3 is concerned:

We don't publish our roadmaps because we need the freedom to push and pull things around when the unforeseen happens without locking ourselves in, but we want to let you know that it's there and that we're currently working towards Patch 1, which will feature a gigantic list of tweaks and changes. We'll publish these once it's finalized", Larian Studios states.

In the course of a tweet, the Director of Publishing, Michael Douse, also spoke to a user about the possibility of designing your character after it has already been created.


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So far, there is no possibility to change the appearance after the start of the game. Especially given the almost infinite character editor, such customization would only make sense.

BG3 character Creator

Bild: Kotaku

Moreover, it is at the top of the community's wish list of possible changes.

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