DayZ: Cross-play between PC, PS4 and Xbox One – What’s the situation?

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The survival MMO DayZ can now be played on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Cross-play is currently not possible. This begs the question of what the current situation looks like. We at asked Bohemia.

That’s going on: Players keep looking for the topic of cross-play. The interest is there to be able to gamble with friends across platforms. Reason enough to ask the developer Bohemia.

Such is the situation with regard to DayZ Cross-play

This is planned: If you are one of those players who hope for cross-play, we have to disappoint you here. At the current time writing, there is no cross-play between the platforms, and it is also not in development.

Developer Bohemia Interactive has an internal “list” of features that they would like to see in DayZ. This also includes community requests such as cross-play. In terms of priority, however, this point is far below.

Cross-play still with PS4 and Xbox One?

When cross-play could come: Here we lean out the window and speculate a little. We heard that Bohemia is also flirting with the next-gen consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X and are probably checking whether DayZ can be optimized for the next generation. No one wanted to officially confirm that to us. If you want to check how much FPS you have, you should check out TheGlobalGaming.

In the course of this, cross-play support could also be developed in the future as soon as the new generation of consoles is anchored in the market. We still don’t believe that cross-play can be expected before mid-2022.

This is cross-play: Cross-play means playing together on different platforms. PS4’s players can share this with other games that DayZ owns for the Xbox One, or vice versa. PC gamers could also play together with console owners.

At the beginning of Early Access, DayZ inventor Dean Rocket Hall revealed his plans for cross-play. In particular, server owners should be able to decide which platforms are allowed to play on their servers. That would at least solve the problem that PC gamers are too powerful compared to console gamers. Of course, that was just an idea, and Dean left the team a long time ago.

This is what the community thinks: There is a clear interest in the topic of cross-play, but there are also concerns. Cross-play between PS4 and Xbox One would make sense, but hardly anyone would want that with a PC.

With the more powerful system, mouse and keyboard, and better graphics, PC gamers clearly have an advantage over console gamers. But hackers are also more on the move on the PC than on the PS4 or Xbox One.

How and, above all, when cross-play will appear, unfortunately, remains open at the moment. We will of course keep you up to date on this.


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