DayZ Update 1.14 teases a new threat, weapons and items

Published: Aug. 27, 2021
Updated: Aug. 27, 2021

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Bohemia Interactive announced the DayZ update 1.14 with a 12-second teaser on the social channels. There's not much to see, but what can be seen is a bit of guesswork in the community. We'll tell you what we think of it.

That's going on: The DayZ developers have announced update 1.14 in a short teaser video. And even if there is no release date yet, the teaser provides a lot of cryptic clues as to what it all includes.


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If we go through the teaser from start to finish, we see the following:

  • The Morse code ".- ... .- ...-." in the tweet itself stands for "LEAVE".
  • 9 surveillance screens showing various scenes. However, these scenes are all from previous trailers and other game videos by Bohemia.
  • There are 2 Maps and various items on the table.
  • The map markings indicate a new threat that will take place in both Livonia and Chernarus. So we find writings with "Evacuate!!, Leave, only warning, Get out!!" and a few more. A DayZ blog post at the beginning of the year already talked about integrating a new threat.
  • Chernarus markings: Pavlovo and Rify
  • Livonia markings: Gliniska airport as well as the medical military camp in Radunin with the mass graves.
  • The term "UVB-76" (via Wikipedia) is associated with a radio transmission by the Russians, which has been sending mainly noise and occasional messages since the 1970s. "I AM! 43" is one of these messages: "I am 143. Not receiving the generator (oscillator) ... ... that stuff comes from hardware room". The community believes in a new bunker in the Tisy military base.
  • The gas mask on the table and the replacement filters suggest that there could be radiation zones or gas attacks.
  • The new Epi-Pens, which are also on the table, are similar to the Nerve Agent Antidot and direct suspicion more in the direction of nerve gas as the new threat.
  • What fans have also noticed are new magazines. They can be assigned to the FN FAL light machine gun. Fans are hoping for the Argentine FAMA variant that shoots 7.62mm bullets.

This is what Bohemia says: We followed up with Bohemia, but they don't want to reveal much more to us either. However, they confirm that there is a new threat and that the magazine can be assigned to a weapon. But also that not every word on the card provides clues to new features, but merely references to various conspiracy theories and pop culture.

When it comes to the release, we don't know any more than you do. "Coming Soon" is the only information currently available. We'll keep you up to date.

Did you find out anything else? Write in the comments below.

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