Diablo 4: How to Fix Error Code 300008 & 300202 & Cause Explained

Published: Mar. 17, 2023
Updated: Jan. 29, 2024

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The Early Access beta for pre-orderers of Diablo 4 has started but already many players are getting error messages 300008 & 300202 -- but what causes them and how do you fix them?

What's the problem? All pre-orderers of Diablo 4 Deluxe or Ultimate Edition can play the closed beta starting today. Also, with the help of our clever trick, you could get into the Diablo 4 beta for a fraction of the price. However, that won't do us all any good if we can't fix the error codes 300008 & 300202 that pop up in the Diablo 4 Beta.

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How to fix the error codes "300008 & 300202" in Diablo 4 Beta

Where do the errors come from? Most players, as well as Guided editors, encounter these error messages after character creation. We created our Barbarian Spotted Dwarf, adjusted everything on him, selected our difficulty level, hit Start Game and -- An error occurred.... What is the reason for this?

  • Error Code 300008: At the current time, countless players are trying to rush onto the servers at the same time. As usual with big releases or betas, the servers can collapse under this massive load. This explains at least the error code 300008 of Diablo 4: Its description says that a timeout occurred while retrieving the server data.
  • Error Code 300202: This error code is also caused by the immense load on the servers. However, there is a simple solution for both errors.

This is how you fix the error codes: In order to still be able to enjoy the Diablo 4 Closed Beta, you have to fix the errors quickly, and you can even do that in-game. All you have to do is click on Start Game over and over again. For us, this worked within 20 attempts. Other colleagues needed a lot longer.

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