Diablo 4: New Details About Endgame, Open World, PVP

Published: Feb. 01, 2023
Updated: Jan. 29, 2024

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During an interview with YouTuber Force Gaming, more details about Blizzard's Diablo 4 emerged, mainly concerning the endgame, the open world, and PVP. We summarize what you can expect!

Here's what's going on: YouTuber Force Gaming already took part in a press event for the upcoming Diablo 4 at the end of last year and used his chance to ask the developers a few questions afterward that others probably haven't asked yet. He received new details about the end game, the open world, and PVP, which we summarize here.


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Details About the Endgame of Diablo 4

YouTuber Force Gaming begins his video by sharing new details about Diablo 4's endgame, which he has from an interview with Blizzard from November last year.

  • Whispers of the Dead: Once you get through the campaign, an extra progression level unlocks and fills up along the way. A sort of mission system that overlays normal activities. Fill the progress to the max and pick up a cache of rewards each time. It's similar to the bounty system in Diablo 3.
    • You also get experience points, gold, and Grim Favors. Once you have 10 Grim Favors, you can exchange them for loot and experience at the Tree of Whispers. What's special here: You can choose one of three Loot Bags that randomly have certain pieces of equipment in them. If you need a helmet, you can select the loot bag that might have a helmet in it. This does not guarantee that you will get the item you want, but the chance is higher.
  • Hell Tides: The Hell Tides are one-hour events that occur randomly in a region outside of cities. There, the level and number of enemies are higher, environmental effects such as meteor storms can occur, and so-called Harbingers spawn – stronger elite enemies. While defeating monsters here, you'll collect Cinder, which you can use to open specific chests tied to these events.
    • Hell Tides are unlocked once you activate World Tier 3 (Nightmare).
    • According to beta testers, the Hell Tides offer the best loot and material drop in Diablo 4.
    • If you die during a Hell Tide, you lose your Cinder and must collect it again. Similar to the souls in Dark Souls. Whether other players can collect your Cinder is currently unknown.
  • Nightmare Dungeon: The sigils to open the Nightmare Dungeon drop later in the game. The Nightmare Dungeons are an end-game version of any normal dungeon, where you'll find better loot.
    • According to beta testers, you can think of the Nightmare Dungeons as a mix of Greater Rifts (Diablo 3) and Maps (Path of Exile). Like Greater Rifts, the dungeons get harder and more complex, and like Maps in PoE, there are both positive and negative effects, both of which increase the difficulty and thus the rewards.
    • The loot is standard, but you also get experience for your Paragon glyphs upon completion.

Details About the PVP Zones in Diablo 4

In the second part of the video, we go into detail about the PVP zones that the open and shared game world brings with it:

  • Fields of Hatred: The Fields of Hatred are selected areas where PVP is possible. Lore-wise, Mephisto's hatred rises from hell and consumes you, which is why you turn on your allies.
    • By defeating enemies or other players, you receive the Seeds of Hatred.
    • At altars, you can turn these Seeds into dust. This process takes a while, and players nearby will receive a message that dust is being made at the altar. So you have to defend it.
    • If you die, you lose all seeds but keep the dust.
    • You can exchange the red dust for PVP skins and mounts.
    • After Release, there will be only 2 such zones.
    • You can farm Loot in PVP in the same way as in PVE. The drop is the same.

This is the Open World in Diablo 4

Last but not least, the interview was about the Open World, which still raises a lot of questions.

  • Local Events: You can randomly encounter local events that only last a few minutes and can pop up anywhere.
  • World Bosses & Region Events: Much larger than the local events are the world bosses and regional events. They take place in specific locations and are marked on the map. These are challenging, multi-part events that must be completed with multiple players. Here you can get legendary equipment and materials to base your gear on.
  • Region Progress: In each region, you can fill up a progress bar that will give you exclusive rewards not available elsewhere. These are tasks like finding objects, discovering POIs, or doing certain things within the zone. You can complete the progress 5 times; each time you will receive experience points, 10,000 gold and an account-wide reward:
    • Tier 1: 1 extra skill point.
    • Tier 2: 1 extra potion recharge.
    • Tier 3: 1 extra skill point.
    • Tier 4: 1 extra skill point.
    • Tier 5: 4 extra Paragon points.
  • Codex of Power: Another account-wide achievement is the 115 Legendary Power Aspects you get from side dungeons. When you complete a side dungeon for the first time, you unlock a power aspect you can use with any of your characters when crafting.
    • However, these Aspects you can conjure into your Gear are the lowest version. Powers and stats on your Gear rank from a minimum to a maximum, and the enchanted aspects are always at the minimum. You can find random Gear with the aspect you want, which can then be significantly stronger.

The details of each feature are subject to change until release, however. Diablo 4 will be released on June 6, 2023, with another beta scheduled before. But now to you! What do you think of Diablo 4 so far, and are you up for it? Tell us in the comments below!

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Sascha Asendorf is the co-founder of Guided.news and has been running online magazines in the gaming sector since 2013. Starting with a strong focus on survival games, Sascha now deals a lot with role-playing games and is an expert on survival and RPG titles like Conan Exiles, Baldurs Gate 3 & Cyberpunk 2077.
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