Disney Dreamlight Valley: Teaser Shows Two New Characters for April Update

Published: Feb. 09, 2023
Updated: Feb. 13, 2023

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The February update for Disney Dreamlight Valley hasn't even been released yet, and already we get the next teaser trailer, which includes the upcoming content of the April update. We'll introduce you to the new content in this article.

What it's about: Disney Dreamlight Valley has had a new update every two months since its release. On February 16, the next update will be released, including Mirabel from Encanto and many other new contents. Already now, however, the developers have published a teaser in the Nintendo Direct, which contains the contents of the following update in April. We'll give you a brief introduction to the new characters.

April Update of Dreamlight Valley brings these Lion King Characters

Scar was the only resident in Disney Dreamlight Valley from the movie The Lion King for a long time. But as it has now been announced, two more characters will follow in the April update.

In a new Realm, which you can unlock in the Dream Castle, you will meet two familiar faces - Simba and Nala will find their way into the game.


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In addition to the Lion King empire and the two new characters, a new recipe was also teased. This is presumably the grubs, bugs, and worms that Simba has already eaten together with Timon and Pumbaa in the films. At least, that's what the teaser suggests.

More about Disney Dreamlight Valley

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