Escape from Tarkov: Roadmap Shows Content Until End of 2023, 2 Wipes Planned

Published: Jul. 19, 2023
Updated: Jul. 20, 2023

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Developer Battlestate Games has published a roadmap for the extraction shooter Escape from Tarkov via Twitter, which presents the content plan until the end of 2023. Included are 2 wipes. We have all the info!

What it's about: The extraction shooter Escape from Tarkov is still in beta and is constantly being developed. Battlestate Games now shows the upcoming update plans for the 2nd half of 2023 and also when approximately the next 2 wipes are coming. A wipe will reset any progress to 0, giving new players in particular a reason to start playing the challenging shooter.

All Content from the Escape from Tarkov Roadmap 2023

The new roadmap of Escape from Tarkov is basically divided into two sections: the summer update and the winter update. The summer update is expected in August, and the winter update is scheduled for December. In both cases, there will be a wipe.

EFT Roadmap H2 2023

The EFT Summer Update in August 2023

In August, you can expect the following updates:

  • Loadout presets
  • Randomized loot container spawns
  • Selecting a body part to heal with a hotkey
  • Toggling helmet lights
  • Selling all Player Scav equipment to Fence
  • Sidearm quickswap
  • Updated trading UI
  • New QoL features
  • Streets of Tarkov expansion (second iteration)
  • New equipment and armor
  • New weapons: PKM, SVT, AVT, AK-12, Sawed-off, PM and weapon mods
  • New Boss: Kaban
  • Weapon Stand in the Hideout
  • Quest rebalance
  • Glass shader optimization
  • Light source processing optimization
  • Various technical and functional adjustments
  • AI behavior improvements

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The EFT Winter Update in December 2023

In December, you can expect the following updates:

  • Preset magazine ammo Loading
  • Recoil rework
  • Armor Customization and reworked armor hitboxes with hit registration
  • Vaulting
  • Blind Fire (one-handed, two-handed)
  • Weapon bipods / mounting
  • BTR on Streets of Tarkov
  • Lightkeeper Services
  • Streets of Tarkov expansion (third iteration)
  • Left shoulder shooting
  • RPD, SCAR GL, SIG Spear, 9A91, VSK-94
  • New Boss
  • Achievements
  • Balancing changes to mechanics of armor, damage, movement
  • Leveling, skill, weapon mastering rebalance
  • Sight reticle brightness adjustment
  • various technical and functional adjustments
  • AI behavior improvements

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These Updates are Actively being Worked on or are Planned

  • Client performance optimization
  • Unity 2021
  • New Matchmaker
  • Various improvements to the Launcher, backend, anticheat
  • Planned: New location

These are the Escape from Tarkov Prewipe Season Ratings

Since July 19, 2023, Escape from Tarkov has a rating that resets with each wipe. The 100 best players of a season in each category get two additional columns in their stash as a reward. You can always see the current ranking on the official site.

The Top-100 is determined by the following categories:

  • Top-100 Experience
  • Top-100 K/D ratio
  • Top-100 Survival rate
  • Top-100 Average win
  • Top-100 Kills
  • Top-100 Raids
  • Top-100 Longest shot
  • Top-100 Game time
  • Top-100 Property Value
  • Top-100 Trade rating

prewipe season eft

Based on the timer displayed on the Season page, we can expect the next wipe on August 31. However, this is not officially confirmed, but a season should always run until the next wipe.

EFT Promo Codes for Free Equipment

In the last Tarkov TV stream, promo codes were also distributed that you can redeem for loot in the EFT Launcher:

  • S00NS00N
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