Escape From Tarkov: Update 12.10, Factory Expansion & 40,000 Cheaters banned

Published: Jan. 29, 2021
Updated: Sep. 20, 2023


The year 2021, which has already started, will also be a celebration for Escape From Tarkov fans. The current status report from the developers shows that we will soon have a new update (12.10) & a map expansion awaiting us.

What to expect: There should be a lot more content for the survival shooter Escape From Tarkov in 2021. What exactly the developers are planning, they show in a status report on the subject of "Tarkov's future". Extremely exciting innovations can be found here!


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That was already done in 2021 in Tarkov

That has already been done: The first section of the Escape From Tarkov Status Update is about what has already been done. So of course the developers list many fixes in the game itself. But also other interesting changes:

  • Plans for Update 12.10 forged (more on that later)
  • Over 40,000 cheaters banned in 2021
  • Discovered and used new strategies for server stability (especially during the NY event)
  • New scenarios tested

Factory expansion & Boss, Update 12.10 & more coming in 2021

Update 12.10: The list of features planned for this year is long and extensive. We are therefore starting with Update 12.10, which surprised many players. Most of them had expected Update 13 more. This is to introduce the new map Streets of Tarkov, which players have been waiting for since 2015.

It seems like you'll have to be content with Tarkov Update 12.10 for now. But that also promises many changes, although not 100 percent of the new content is known. But at least we know that it includes:

  • Network fixes
  • AI optimization
  • A handful of medium sized content
  • various QoL changes

There should be more information in the upcoming TarkovTV live edition, for which there is no date yet.


News about the factory map: After the expansion for the Woods maps, the factory is now to be enlarged and given its own Scav Boss. Fans have long wanted Factory to undergo a makeover. Not only is it the only map that hasn't seen a single change, it's also the smallest - that will change in 2021.

Unfortunately, nothing more is known about the Scav Boss. With a bit of luck, it will also be featured in the upcoming TarkovTV Live episode.

Escape From Tarkov: Factory Map Guide - Spawns, Exits, Key & Loot 2022

Scav-Karma: Speaking of "luck", the karma system should also be implemented in Escape From Tarkov this year. For now, however, only for the Scav faction. This system is intended to prevent Kill on Sight, as player Scavs are actually intended to make the experience more difficult for PMCs. Deathmatch was not the intention of the developers.

The karma system then rewards players who work together and punishes those who mess up immediately. Punishments are weapons that jam faster or Scav bosses who chase you!

Here is more content for 2021

  • Smaller patches that are mainly intended to fix bug and network problems
  • Improvements to the netcode
  • Sound / audio improvements
  • Switch to Unity 2019 (graphics engine)
  • Backend structure should be improved
  • Further graphical improvements (main target 2021)


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