These are the 10 biggest Twitch streamers in the world

Published: Jan. 30, 2021
Updated: Jan. 29, 2024


Especially in times of quarantine measures, watching streamers has become a popular type of distraction. And even if there are thousands and thousands, we'll show you the 10 biggest Twitch streamers worldwide.

These are the numbers for 2021: This list is sorted based on the current number of followers at the end of January 2021 of the individual streamers on Twitch. We will update the list regularly to give you an overview of the biggest Twitch streamers.

The top 10 streamers worldwide on Twitch

10. TimTheTatman with 6.1 million followers

Tim "TimTheTatman" Betar is known for his shooter games. He grew up with Counter Strike: Global Offensive, then moved on to Call of Duty, Overwatch, and Fortnite. He's now actively playing Call of Duty again. His career started on Twitch back in 2012.

His Channel.

9. TheGrefg with 6.6 million followers

David "TheGrefg" Cánovas produces some of the best Spanish content Twitch has to offer. While it mostly streams Fortnite and Minecraft, it has more recently spread to Fall Guys and Among Us as its popularity skyrocketed over the course of 2020. TheGrefg also holds the Twitch record for most viewers at the same time with over 660,000 viewers.

His Channel.


8. Auronplay with 7.2 million followers

Raúl "Auronplay" Alvarez Genes is a popular variety streamer, especially in the Spanish community. He mainly plays GTA V, Minecraft, and Among Us. He started his career with YouTube in 2006, but then switched to Twitch.

His Channel.

7. Pokimane with 7.2 million followers

Imane "Pokimane" Anys is a Canadian streamer and a role model for many female streamers on Twitch and YouTube. It belongs to the well-known streamer group OfflineTV, which caused a sensation, especially with their Rust server project. Pokimane started League of Legends in 2015 but then switched to Fortnite. In 2020, she was one of the most-watched female streamers in the world.

Her Channel.


6. Myth with 7.3 million followers

Ali "Myth" Kabbani started with Twitch 2016 and mainly streams shooters like Fortnite or Valorant, where he proves his skills. His canal has been growing rapidly since then. At the beginning of 2018, 200,000 followers followed him, only to crack the 3.2 million in June 2018.

His Channel.

5. xQc with 7.5 million followers

Former Overwatch pro Félix "xQc" Lengyel is popular for his chaotic gameplay. He is very PvP oriented and loves competitive games. Even if shooter is his favorite genre, he plays a variety of games on Twitch and is often only just chatting. But with his way he causes problems now and then.

His Channel.

4. Rubius with 8.1 million followers

Rubén "Rubius" Doblas Gundersen is a Spanish streamer who became famous for his YouTube content. His sheer number of fans also supports him on Twitch. As a variety streamer, he mainly plays Minecraft, Among Us, is in Just Chatting, and sometimes starts other games that he finds interesting.

His Channel.

3. Shroud with 8.9 million followers

The shooter legend Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek is one of the top 3 streamers worldwide and primarily plays competitive games such as Escape From Tarkov, Valorant, and various other titles. He grew up with his incredible ability in CS: GO and PUBG, where he earned the nickname "Human Aimbot".

His Chanel.


2. Tfue with 9.9 million followers

Turner "Tfue" Tenney is best known for Fortnite, as he was among other things the only one who could hold a candle to the front-runner Ninja. As an equal opponent, viewers loved the fights between Tfue and ninja. After the hype about Fortnite subsided, Tfue has proven his skills in CoD: Warzone.

His Channel.

1. Ninja with 16.7 million followers

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins is a huge personality on Twitch. With 16.7 million followers, he leads the top by a large margin. The former Halo professional has become very popular mainly through Fortnite and now streams everything. In the meantime he has disappeared from Twitch and joined Mixer, but since he returned he has occupied the follower throne.

His Channel.


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