Hunt Showdown Breaks Player Numbers Record with Event

Published: Jul. 03, 2023
Updated: Jul. 03, 2023

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The hardcore shooter Hunt Showdown is currently more popular than ever. Only a few days ago, Hunt was able to break the player numbers record, and thanks to an event, it now inspires more players than ever.

What's it about? Hunt Showdown is one of the best in the hardcore shooter genre in the dedicated community. Now, however, old players are returning and brand-new ones are finally finding their way in. For example, Hunt has now managed to break its previous player record, and that's only thanks to an event.

Tide of Shadows event does so much right that tens of thousands join in.

On June 28, 2023, Hunt Showdown was able to break its own player record. Over 45,000 players launched into the bayou at the same time that day. That's about 7,000 players higher than the last record. To date, the record was 38,000 players at the same time. That record was set in the summer of 2022 and is clearly because of the Traitor's Moon event at the time.

This year, Hunt is also breaking its own player record with the help of an event. The "Tide of Shadows" event offers for the first time dynamic weather conditions within a match, which influence fire, monsters & animals as well as the general soundscape. There is also a new boss Rottmaul, which can be found in the wild for the first time.

For all the other changes from the Tide of Shadows event, check out our article on all the changes.

Why are fans celebrating Hunt Showdown's newest event?

As mentioned above, the new event features unique weather conditions and a new boss. Certainly, these are the two most appealing selling points for the latest event. But also fundamentally, developer Crytek is doing almost everything right here:

  • Players can unlock new and unique skins with the event.
  • There are many new weapons and some new equipment.
  • Hunt's meta is slightly broken up and once again invites experimentation.

In addition, the event design offers exclusive gameplay mechanics that can only be experienced here. So the FOMO (fear of missing out) hits full force. Especially if we include the introduction of the new Battle Pass here. So with Tide of Shadow, Hunt Showdown fans are getting massive gameplay changes, in-game tasks, and rewards that all exist for a short time only.

Naturally, this attracts players. But what is not natural is that they stay, which is the developer's achievement. Here we can probably congratulate Crytek for probably the best event in Hunt Showdown so far.

The event brings new heroes and weapons.

The event brings new heroes and weapons.

We are already looking forward to future events. To make sure you don't miss any information about Hunt Showdown, follow us on social media or directly in our Hunt group on Facebook (via

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