Rust: How to Fix all "UnityPlayer.dll" Errors easily

Published: Jul. 03, 2023
Updated: Jul. 03, 2023

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Even after several years of fixes, Rust is not free from bugs and so for many players, errors regarding "UnityPlayer.dll" appear. We'll tell you how to get rid of all the problems with the corrupt file in this short guide.

What causes the error? Contrary to what you may think, the error in UnityPlayer.dll does not always arise from Rust itself. Also a Windows update, new graphics card driver or similar can cause a corrupt DLL. It can even happen that even a reinstallation of Rust does not fix the error around your UnityPlayer.dll. But don't worry, our method is faster and easier anyway!

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How to fix "UnityPlayer.dll not found" and game crashes due to the file in Rust

What errors can be fixed? Several errors can occur with UnityPlayer.dll at once:

  • UnityPlayer.dll not found
  • "The code execution cannot proceed because unityplayer.dll".
  • Crashes of the game after several minutes with the reference to the UnityPlayer.dll

How to fix all errors: You can solve all errors with the file in Rust by simply replacing corrupt version. Once broken, UnityPlayer.dll often cannot be solved by searching for errors or repairing the game files via Steam. To fix your problem, simply follow these steps:

  • Open the location of Rust via your Steam library (right-click on Rust - Properties - Browse Local Files).
  • In this folder, you will find the already existing file "UnityPlayer.dll".
  • Delete this file.
  • Now download a new version (via Google Drive).
  • Open the zip file and paste the new UnityPlayer.dll file into your Rust folder.
  • Then check the game for the integrity of the game files and start it.

Delete this file

Now your Rust should work again and all errors concerning your UnityPlayer.dll should be fixed. If you still have problems, please contact us directly via Discord, we will be happy to help you. We also invite you to join our social media channels. You can find all links via our!

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