Hunt Showdown Guide: All Hidden Achievements & How to Unlock them

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In this Hunt Showdown Guide, we’ll show you how to unlock hidden achievements and achievements. In this short guide, we will explain to you how you can get the 11 secret ones!

Do they exist? It may surprise some players and you, but yes, there are hidden achievements in Hunt Showdown. Perhaps you have already discovered this in the overview list in the corresponding Steam tab! However, you don’t know how to unlock it, so here is our guide!

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Hunt Showdown: Hidden Achievements & Achievements

Note that: in order to get the hidden achievements, you have to carry out some actions in Hunt Showdown that endanger your mission progress or your current round. You should be aware of this, so don’t start these rounds with your most valuable equipment!

How it works: The following achievements are all hidden. You can see that they exist, but not their name or how to get them:

Achievement Description
Playing Tonight: Buddy Bolden Play piano and gramophone in one round.
Trinity Of Pain Be on fire, poisoned, and bleeding at the once.
Simmer Down, Hothead! Kill immolator without him going to explode.
Eeny, Melee, Miny, Moe Kill any boss with a melee weapon.
Clairvoyant Find a boss without any clues.
Do Not Disturb Hide within a toilet – the ones with the heart doors.
Louisiana Fried Chicken Burn 50 chicken coops.
Throw Hammer or Run Kill an enemy hunter by throwing a hammer at him.
Battering Ram Destroy 50 doors. You can do this by using a melee weapon like sledgehammer or axe.
Convalescent Home Retire 50 hunters.
Master Headhunter Recruit 100 hunters.

Here’s the best way to do it: Some secret achievements in Hunt Showdown are particularly easy to achieve with little tricks. We’ll show you which are:

  1. Killing Immolator: The easiest way to do this is to equip brass knuckles. These are considered blunt weapons, so they don’t let the hothead explode.
  2. Boss in hand-to-hand combat: Here it is recommended to fight the butcher, which I lovingly call man-bear-pig. Its attacks cause the least damage apart from fire. Extinguish it with suffocation bombs and off you go.
  3. Burn, bleed, poison: With the pain trinity, you should simply take an accordion bomb (barbed wire), a poison bomb, and a Molotov cocktail with you and place and throw them on the floor in front of each other.

Our content: That was all about the hidden achievements of Hunt Showdown. If you would like to read more guides on the game, click on them in the link box above!


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