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Hunt Showdown: Update 1.5 Brings Custom Ammo & New Weapons

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Hunt Showdown will receive the custom ammo with the upcoming update 1.5, which is supposed to change the game from the ground up. What exactly awaits you, we will explain to you now!

Update 1.5 at a glance: The upcoming Hunt Patch not only provides you with countless bug fixes, but above all with new weapons and countless types of ammunition. The new mechanics will change Hunt Showdown a lot. That is why we now clarify what to expect.

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This is the Custom Ammo from Hunt Showdown in Update 1.5

What is Custom Ammo? Hunt Showdown’s new ammunition types were announced a year ago. Since then, players have been waiting eagerly to see what the new feature will bring. From now on – on the test servers – you can load various types into your weapons, all of which have different effects. Each ammunition is balanced, so it has advantages and disadvantages. There are these types:

Custom Ammo Types

DumDumFlechettePoison Bolt
Full Metal JacketPenny ShotExplosive Bolt
High Velocity BulletSlugChaos Bolt
Poison AmmoStarshellChoke Bolt
Incendiary AmmoDragonbreathShot Bolt
Spitzer Ammo
Explosive Ammo

That changes the feature: Many of the new types of ammunition replace the system after you have to unlock certain weapons with new ammo. There is only one crossbow and no longer three different ones.

In the main menu, you select which type of ammunition you want to take with you before the round. With single-shot weapons, you can even carry two different ones. Either normal ammunition paired with a special variant or two special types.

However, you will rarely find the custom ammo during the actual match. This is one of the special ammunition, so it can only be found in purple packages. However, a large box with just that rare commodity is now being added to the filling stations.

That will perhaps weaken the shortage somewhat, but the wagons or boats themselves should be much more crowded from now on.


Our detailed guide will follow soon

In the coming hours, we will publish a detailed guide to all types of ammunition. In this, we explain the effect, damage, handling, and much more! If you don’t want to miss that, activate the push notification.

Also, new weapons in the Hunt Showdown update

Winfield 1876 Centennial

  • Big slot
  • Medium ammo
  • Lever action
  • Less ammunition than usual
  • Less damage than other winfields
  • higher bullet speed

hunt showdown winfield 1876 centennial

Winfield 1887 terminus

  • big slot
  • Shotgun ammunition
  • large capacity (7 shots)
  • Levering possible
  • high rate of fire
  • effective up to medium distance

Winfield 1876 terminus

Winfield 1887 Terminus Handcannon

  • medium-sized slot
  • sawn off variant of the term
  • high capacity (6 shots)
  • stronger recoil than Terminus
  • larger scatter cone
  • Levering possible

Winfield 1876 terminus handcannon


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