Hunt Showdown Update 1.6.2: All new features in detail and patch notes

Published: Oct. 12, 2021
Updated: Nov. 10, 2021

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The Hunt Showdown Update 1.6.2 is playable for everyone since today, October 12, 2021. In this article, we'll show you the latest content, go into great detail and, at the end of the day, simplify the update's patch notes for you!

The update 1.6.2 of Hunt Showdown is gigantic. It not only brings new weapons and variants, but it also massively changes the balance and even rewards you with new cool skins in the end.

Update 1.6.2 at a glance

  • New revolver
  • Two new Vetterli variants
  • A new Lebel variant
  • New stim shots (syringes)
  • Two new skins
  • Countless changes to balance and gameplay

These are the new weapons in the Hunt Showdown Update 1.6.2

What's new: A new weapon is included in the current Hunt Showdown update. There are also three other variants, two for the Vetterli and one for the Lebel 1886.

This is what the new Scotfield Model 3 revolver can do

The new addition to Hunt Showdown is a revolver that uses medium ammunition. The Scotfield Model 3 is aimed at beginners and is available from the very first rank. It also costs entry-level 77 Hunt dollars.

In addition, it reloads comparatively quickly, which serves as a balance to the low muzzle flash speed. At 280 m / s it is a little lower than that of the PAX revolver.

You can unlock incendiary projectiles and full jacketed projectiles, which you can obtain as usual by simply playing the weapon.

Scotfield Model 3 data sheet:

  • 6 + 12 rounds of medium ammunition
  • 280 m/s bullet speed
  • Available from rank 1
  • Costs 77 Hunt dollars
  • Can be equipped with full jacket and incendiary bullets
  • New versions of the Vetterli karabiner and Lebel 1886

The ever-popular Vetterli karabiner gets a little make-over. From now on you can activate a version with a Marksmen scope and a silencer for the all-rounder Vetterli in addition to a bayonet.

The Marksmen version has a small disadvantage compared to other weapons with the same scope. It wobbles more than other Marksmen weapons as you look through the visor and move around. This version of the Vetterli costs $190 in the shop.

This is compensated for by the successful silencer version of the Vetterlie karabiner. This has probably the best sight that is currently available on silencer versions in Hunt Showdown. It is easy - and now pay attention - a rear sight has been put on top of the existing one. The silencer version of the Vetterli costs $150 in the shop.

Healing Over Time: These 2 syringes keep the debate going

With the Hunt Showdown Update 1.6.2 two new syringes are introduced. Both of these heal you over time. As usual, there is a weak stim and a strong stimulus.

  • Weak Regeneration: Heals consistently over 5 minutes
  • Strong regeneration: Heals consistently over 10 minutes

So both injections will heal you continuously, even if you have just suffered damage. The only exceptions here are status effects such as poisoning, burn or bleeding.

The healing rate of the regeneration syringes is also only 2.5 HP per second. This makes it slower than Natural Healing, which hits 5 HP per second. However, it only sets in if you have not suffered any damage for a while. It also only fills a bar that has been opened, while the regeneration syringe slowly fills all the life bars.

More about Hunt Showdown

Everything else in the Hunt Showdown Update 1.6.2


  • Weapon Menu Animations now all have sound playing


  • Added visual feedback for when a hunter is hit by poison ammunition while the antidote effect is active.


Regeneration Shots For the duration of the effect:

  • Health regeneration speed is halved (2.5 hp/s instead of 5 hp/s)
  • Health regeneration does not stop at health chunk borders but will continue until current max health is reached
  • Health regeneration will start instantly after taking damage (Usually delayed by 5 seconds)


  • Weak Regeneration Shot: 5 Minutes
  • Regeneration Shot: 10 Minutes


  • The Crossbow and Hand Crossbow will now keep their damage better over distance, but the weapon ranges overall didn’t change
  • The Crossbows Basic Bolts will now do strong bleeding

Hunting Bow

  • The Basic Arrow and Poison Arrow have their Bleeding intensity reduced and only do medium bleeding now

Kill Assists

It’s now easier to get kill assists

  • The Kill Assist time window is now calculated on a distance basis
  • The closer players are to a target they damaged, the longer they are eligible for a Kill Assist
    • Effectively this means that players can still get assists after many minutes if they stay close to the target
  • Players will now be rewarded with an assist if targets kill themselves
  • Players will now be rewarded with an assist if targets are killed by AI

Equipment changes

  • The Weak Stamina Shots Duration has been increased from 60 to 300 seconds
  • The Fire Bomb and Liquid Fire Bomb’s burning area duration has been increased from 20 to 120 seconds

Custom Ammo

  • Changed the Nitro Express DumDum to be more in line with the DumDum ammo in other weapons
  • Updated the ranges for Compact Full Metal Jacket
  • Slightly raised the damage for Dragon Breath on all Shotguns
  • Dragon Breath now has a short one-hit kill range (the longer the barrel the longer the one-hit kill range)

Retrievable Projectiles

The following ‘retrievable projectiles’ now do substantial damage to AI and Hunters when being retrieved by a Hunter:

  • Throwing Axes
  • Throwing Knives
  • Crossbow Bolts (basic)
  • Hunting Bow Arrows (basic and poison)

Hunter Slots

  • Hunter slots have been increased from 20 to 50.
    • Additional slots can be unlocked for 150 Blood Bonds each.

Training Reward changes

Blood Bonds for completing Training missions have been reduced.

  • Basic: Reduced from 100 to 50.
  • Advanced: Reduced from 250 to 75.
  • Professional: Reduced from 500 to 125.

Unlock Ranks

  • Moved Caldwell Pax from Rank 10 to Rank 18
  • Moved Caldwell Rival 78 from Rank 18 to Rank 10
  • Added the Weak Regeneration Shot and the Regeneration Shots to the “Health Shots” category

Ammo Capacity

  • Winfield 1876 Centennial & Variants:
    • Increased all ammo reserves from 8 to 12
  • Crossbow
    • Basic Bolts increased from 6 to 9
    • Explosive Bolts increased from 5 to 6
    • Shot Bolts increased from 4 to 6
  • Hand Crossbow
    • Basic Bolts increased from 5 to 8
    • Poison Bolts increased from 5 to 8
    • Choke Bolts increased from 2 to 5
    • Chaos Bolts increased from 4 to 5

Trait Changes

  • Poacher has its cost reduced from 2 to 1 Upgrade Point
  • Bolt Thrower has its cost reduced from 4 to 3 Upgrade Points
  • Hundred Hands has its damage component cut from 25% to 10%. Increased Sway reduction
  • Bolt Seer name changed to Blade Seer to make it clearer that you can’t only see bolts with it


  • We’ve improved the queuing method when Skill Based Matchmaking is disabled. Before it would wait until you have exhausted options of a fair match before adding the group to a match with other SBMM disabled groups. Now, in case you queue with SBMM disabled, you will be queuing at the same time for matches with other groups of similar level and for groups that would also have opted out from SBMM.
  • We’ve made it possible to disable Skill Based Matchmaking only from rank 100 or above
    (players that prestige are considered above rank 100)


  • Weapon equip animations have been updated


New Weapon

  • Scottfield No.3 Revolver
    • Added at Rank 1
    • Added for 77 Hunt Dollars
    • A classic, single-action break open revolver, the Scottfield has seen both sides of the law. The break-action allows for quicker ejecting of spent rounds, meaning a faster overall reload when empty.”

New Variants

  • Vetterli 71 Karabiner Marksman
    • Added to the Vetterli 71 Category for 190 Hunt Dollars
  • Vetterli 71 Karabiner Silencer
    • Added to the Vetterli 71 Category for 150 Hunt Dollars
  • Lebel 1866 Aperture
    • Added to the Lebel 1866 Category for 425 Hunt Dollars

New Custom Ammo

  • Scottfield No.3 FMJ
    • Added to the Scottfield No.3 category for 35 Dollars
  • Scottfield No.3 Incendiary
    • Added to the Scottfield No.3 category for 25 Dollars
  • Vetterli 71 Karabiner High Velocity
    • Added to the Vetterli 71 Karabiner category for 95 Dollars
  • Winfield 1887 Terminus Dragonbreath
    • Added to the Winfield 1887 Terminus category for 50 Dollars

New Consumables

  • Weak Regeneration Shot
    • Added to the “Health Shots” category for 65 Hunt Dollars
  • Regeneration Shot
    • Added to the “Health Shots” category for 110 Hunt Dollars

New Legendary Items

Runners Up for Skin Contest

  • Mosin-Nagant M1891 “Wormwood”
    • “The corruption gets into the trees, twisting tendrils around roots and turning sap dark as bile. This Mosin-Nagant M1891 is made from such wood and only when its work is done will it be left to rot.”
    • Added for 500BB
  • Winfield 1887 Terminus Handcannon “Bird of Prey”
    • “Like the talons of hawks and eagles, this Winfield 1887 Terminus will tear prey apart and leave a feast for the crows, vultures, and other carrion that follows its booming song.”
    • Added for 500BB

Price Changes


  • Nagant M1895 Officer from 66 to 96 Hunt Dollars
  • Nagant M1895 Officer Brawler from 80 to 110 Hunt Dollars
  • Weak Stamina Shot from 10 to 60 Hunt Dollars
  • Stamina Shot from 40 to 100 Hunt Dollars
  • Weak Antidote Shot from 25 to 50 Hunt Dollars
  • Antidote Shot from 55 to 80 Hunt Dollars


  • Winfield M1876 Centennial from 277 to 157 Hunt Dollars
  • Winfield M1876 Centennial Sniper from 298 to 229 Hunt Dollars
  • Crossbow from 55 to 50 Hunt Dollars
  • Hand Crossbow from 35 to 30 Hunt Dollars
  • Hunting Bow from 97 to 57 Hunt Dollars
  • Price decrease for multiple Custom Ammo types
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