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Rust Console Edition gets Test Branch: What Can You Expect There?

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The wait is over and the test branch for the Rust Console Edition should go live today. We’ll show you what to expect on the Rust Test Branch.

What is the test branch? Rust’s Test Branch is a version of the survival game that lets you test previously unreleased content. These servers have been around on the PC for a number of years, but the consoles are finally catching up.

For the time being, however, only owners of the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition can access the Test Branch of the Rust Console Edition. All others will follow at a later date. Achievements that you achieve on the test servers during your session will not be carried over to the main game!

This is what awaits you at the Rust Test Branch

When does it start? The starting signal for the test branch of the Rust Console Edition is October 14 at 12:00 in the morning. Then you can download it from the PlayStation Store or Xbox Store.

Current contents of the test branch:

  • Tech Tree: Gone are the days of guesswork, now research is on. With the help of the Tech Tree, you can always see exactly how and when you can activate a new technology. In addition, you now have to set up three different workbenches.
  • Gestures: With the help of a pop-up menu, you can now direct various gestures to your counterpart.
  • Aim Assist & Gun handling: The developers of Facepunch would like to try out a new version of the aiming support here.
  • New server configuration: In the coming weeks, more different server types are to be activated on the Rust Test Branch. Individual new features are then explicitly tested on these instead of all of them together.

The development team behind the Rust Console Edition also promises the adaptation of audio, incorrectly placed radiation zones, trees and the behavior of the recoil. Then there will also be a setting that allows you to turn off blood.

More about Rust

How to join the Rust Test Branch on console

  1. Buy Rust Console Edition before October 14th.
  2. Log into the website using your PSN ID via the console’s web browser (via
  3. Open the PlayStation Store and search for “Rust Console Edition – Public Test Branch”
  4. Download it from the shop and enjoy the game.

Xbox players have it a little easier: They don’t have to log in externally anywhere, and they don’t have to verify themselves. In their library, the beta access should simply be replaced by the test branch. Here you can download all Xbox players.


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