Hunt Showdown: 10 Tips for Better PvP & More Success

Published: Jul. 05, 2021
Updated: Jul. 05, 2021

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The bayou does not forgive mistakes, enemy players either. If you want to get better at PvP in Hunt Showdown, you should internalize the following tips and keep practicing.

What we show you: In the following list, we show you 10 tips to get better in Hunt Showdown PvP. Among other things, the tips should help you to act smarter and more confident in battles against other players. Both newbies and experienced hunters can learn something here. We'll start with the more obvious tips, the best will come at the end!

10 tips to get better at Hunt Showdown PvP

1. Listen to your surroundings

To have a chance at all, you have to listen to your surroundings. Know how different weapons sound at different distances. But you also have to know and be able to assign various noises that players make when moving. So learn the following:

  • Steps: On what surface is your opponent crawling or sprinting? Dirt and mud sound significantly different from a tin roof or wooden planks. Learn to tell the difference.
  • Alarms: There are many sources of noise in the bayou. Dog kennels, chicken coops, birds, or the grunt of an alarmed AI opponent (mob). You have to train your ears to recognize the alertness of various mobs.
  • Actions: Everything you do makes noise. It doesn't matter if you heal yourself, jump or swap weapons. If you know which sound goes with which action, you can weigh up an attack.


2. Get to know your surroundings

The so-called compounds are the places in Hunt Showdown where the bosses and clues are. Knowing how they are structured is an important key to success. You should know where exits are, at which points your opponent can peak out, and know the general structure of buildings.

If you don't remember this, a hunter can await you around every corner without you having expected it at all. The longer you play Hunt Showdown, the more often you will learn the common hiding places of other hunters and internalize the structure of a compound.


3. Use your tools & items

It is a mistake and a waste of money if you do not use grenades or consumables. Maybe you wait too often for the right moment, but there isn't one. Of course, you shouldn't throw your grenades and other items pointlessly. But hoarding them doesn't do you any good either.

You can either use your items during your lifetime or mourn them after your in-game death. Some items have the advantage of being versatile. They help you in situations in which you haven't even thought of one item.

Use it in many ways!

  • A stick or bundle of dynamite can also be used as a smoke shield. After the explosion, it takes a short time for the dense dust to settle.
  • You can just throw Decoys blindly over a wall in the hope that it will startle a fearful hunter.
  • As a precaution, throw stun grenades into the boss area if you hear gunshots in it and hope someone will be blinded. If that works, push immediately.
  • Use various loud or explosive items to make it easier for you to withdraw from a sticky situation.


4. Change positions

In the bayou, you should change your positions more often than your undershorts. Whenever you fire a shot, you give away the direction from which you are firing. After one or more following shots, your exact position will be known to everyone.

You should therefore always keep moving and never shoot out of the same window or peephole too often. Players expect you to look again in the same place and aim exactly where your head will be beforehand. The same goes for the open field.

In addition, never rely on a supposedly safe position in Hunt Showdown. Your opponents will be able to finish you off if they know your position. Our tip: keep moving.

5. Use unfamiliar areas & hatches

There are many nooks and crannies and hiding spots in Hunt Showdown that others have never heard of. Use holes in walls and between machines instead of waiting in front of a door or window.

Ask yourself which areas you check first when you run into a compound: These are probably the windows and doors. By using small crevices and other peepholes, you will gain some time before you are discovered. Use this time to hit the first shot.

6. Learn your weapons inside out

Once you've found a weapon set that you enjoy, learn every detail from it. What is the maximum range, which types of ammunition can you combine well and which defects and weak points does the weapon have?

For example, if you like to play with shotguns, you need to know when and how they behave. Your tactics should also be adapted to your arsenal. With a shotgun you have no chance against a Mosin Sniper in the open field. So lure your opponent to you or set a trap for him.

No matter what it is, you have to know the pros and cons of the weapon and use them cleverly.

7. Shoot blindly through walls

It may sound obvious, but from 600 hours of Hunt Showdown I can draw the conclusion: Only the best hunters know how to use "wallbangs" properly. Since the Hunt Update 1.5 you can buy different types of ammunition. You have to know when you can shoot through certain materials with which weapon and which type of ammo.

You can also fire normal ammunition through thin wooden walls. Thicker material then requires the new Sharpener ammunition. But if you know that a player is approaching you, you can hit him before he is visible. Again, all you have to do is pay attention to the steps.


8. Use hip fire

Most of the players in Hunt Showdown fire at the rear sight. They are so used to that from other shooters. But in Hunt, shooting from the hip is more accurate than most people think.

We recommend always firing from the hip at short and medium distances of 0-10 meters, and a maximum of 15 m. You will be amazed how much more often you will hit your opponent.


9. When to Push and When Not

This is arguably the most important tip we have to get better at Hunt Showdown PvP. Knowing when to push your opponents and when not to push them is essential for your success. Here are a few examples of when you definitely need to push!

  • Dilemma: A team is attacked by a third group. You should understand this as a presentation on a silver platter. Use the chaos to get some kills, maybe even all of them.
  • The fuse burns: If an enemy hunter detonates an explosive device, you will hear it. Most of them hold the explosives in their hands for a while so that the fuse burns down and the explosive device explodes right next to you. Use this waiting time to surprise your unsuspecting opponent with a charge.
  • Follow up: You hit an opponent with Long Ammo and he does not fall over. That means he is badly wounded and needs to heal. Here, too, you can pursue directly with the second weapon. Just make sure that his colleague isn't sitting directly behind the wall or that the wounded hunter is waiting for you.


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10. The play time

Practice creates masters. This is not just an empty phrase, but the guiding principle that shapes champions. The longer you play and the more you try, the more you learn about the behavior of opponents and of yourself in certain situations. Learn from these and reshape your tactics the next time you try.

What do you think? Have we forgotten important tips or do you think this is not the way to get better in Hunt Showdown PvP? Leave us a comment with your tips or follow us on Twitter.

The interest in digging deep into the gaming industry stems from the DayZ Mod for Arma 2 in 2012. Kevin started working in the gaming industry in 2016. First as a trainee at Survivethis, the biggest German Survival-Games-Site at that time. Only half a year later, he got accepted at Gamestar and later MeinMMO. Now, on he implements all his Knowledge to deliver comprehensive news, guides, interviews and more unique topics.
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