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Hunt Showdown Easter Eggs on DeSalle – Shrek, Forrest Gump & more

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The new Hunt Showdown Map “DeSalle” can already be played on the PC test servers and is bursting with Easter eggs. We have put together all of the Easter Eggs that we and the community have found so far.

From Shrek to Vlad: The latest DeSalle card has only been playable on the test servers of the PC version for a few days. Nevertheless, resourceful users have already found countless Easter eggs and references on the 1×1 km map DeSalle. We carry all together for you. We know that not everyone can be “the sharpest tool in the shed”.

These funny & cool Easter Eggs are on the Hunt Map DeSalle

1. The UFO in the north

At the end of a canyon in the top left corner of the map, you have to look carefully. Outside on the cliff you will see a small UFO. That must have made an emergency landing here.


2. The Utah Monolith

Do you still remember the mysterious monoliths made of shiny metal that popped up all over the world? This phenomenon was a few months ago, but it can be seen on the Hunt Map DeSalle forever. You can find this monolith south of Darin Shipyard.


3. Port Sulfur Band

Behind the terrific soundtrack of Hunt Showdown is a talented group of musicians. It’s called the Port Sulfur Band and comes from New Orleans. So the hum of the low voices goes on their cap. As a thank you, developer Crytek included it as one of many Easter Eggs on the new DeSalle map. You can find her reference in the Lower-DeSalle saloon.


4. The Level Designers

As is so often the case in gaming history, some level designers have immortalized themselves as Easter eggs on DeSalle. They scrawled their faces in white chalk on a blackboard at Weeping Stone Mill.


5. Godfather reference

Probably the second-coolest Easter egg on the new Hunt Showdown Map DeSalle is probably the horse’s head in bed. The clear reference to the film The Godfather can be found on the Pearl Plantation. Just like in the film, you will find a severed horse’s head on the left side of the bed, nicely wrapped in the bed linen.


6. The vampire

Below the Testamonial Church are tombs and mausoleums that are filled to the top thanks to the Louisiana incident. Since then, all sorts of monsters have haunted the bayou, but vampires have never existed. This should have been told to the perpetrator, who pierced a corpse with a wooden stake.


7. 127 hours

Let’s get to one of the macabre Easter Eggs on the Hunt Map DeSalle. On the northern edge of the map you will find a miner wedged between two rocks. A third rock crushes his arm and makes escape impossible. This is a reference to the movie “127 Hours” which is based on a true story.


8. Cowboy pumpkin

Jack’o’Lantern was yesterday, today there is “Rootin Tootin Pumpkin Shootin”. South of Reeves Quarry on the lower map border, you will find a gigantic pumpkin with a cowboy hat and carved face. Maybe there is an upcoming Halloween event behind it?


9. Crytek medicine

You can find a prescription for a medicine at one of the general stores in Lower DeSalle. You can see “Crytek’s Surgeon” on it.


10. Shrek’s house in the swamp

Of all the Easter eggs on the new DeSalle map, this is our favorite. This is Shrek’s house. Shrek is the green big ogre who makes candles out of earwax and takes a shower under a bucket of filth. Only for those who do not have a good taste in films. But joking aside.

In fact, you can find the house and the outhouse on a hill in the lower left corner of the DeSalle map.


11. Forrest Gump without Jenny

Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know — on which park bench you will speak your last words. So also our Forrest Gump blend, which has settled between Upper DeSalle and the Testimonial Church. Here he sits with chocolates, running shoes and his suitcase. Only Jenny is missing, but it must be exactly like that.


We also found this on DeSalle

  • Two grunts enjoy the evening hours around the campfire
  • Unsuccessful fishing trip
  • Unfinished poker round
  • Blood Fountain

Did you find any more Easter Eggs on the new Hunt Showdown Map DeSalle? Leave us a comment or join the community on Twitter.


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