Kingdom Come 2: Retribution – Are The Rumors True?

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In an interview, the biggest KCD YouTuber Sexy Biscuit comments on information about Kingdom Come 2 “Retribution”.

Finally, some news: Fans of Kingdom Come Deliverance have been waiting for what feels like an eternity for a sequel or at least an announcement for it. But even 3 years after the first game was released, there is no trace of Kingdom Come 2. So far we only had one hint of the existence, but now Sexy Biscuit is commenting on the sequel.

We know that about Kingdom Come 2 & its name

Biscuit reveals that: In an interview with YouTube colleague Resonant, Sexy Biscuit talks about personal transformation and the course of her career. Towards the end, however, both talk about Kingdom Come Deliverance and how this game shaped Biscuit’s channel. Here she reveals the following.

In a tweet on the subject a few months ago, Biscuit had already spoken out and mentioned the name “Kingdom Come Retribution”. Developer Warhorse Studios not only liked this post, but responded to it. The YouTuber asked if she accidentally guessed the name, to which the development team replied a mischievous “Nooo”.

By the way, the name Kingdom Come 2 Retribution did not appear here for the first time. There was a Reddit debate about a year ago that mentioned this name. However, it is unclear where the original information comes from.

Is there more? Biscuit claims to have received more information about a second part, in interviews with the actors of Kingdom Come Deliverance. But here, too, she emphasizes that the “1506 leak” from a few years ago is nonsense.

Back then, the number 1506 popped up on a developer’s whiteboard when they were shooting behind-the-scenes. Many fans thought this was an indication that Kingdom Come 2 is playing this year. But since we know that Heinrich’s story will be continued, a 100-year leap in time would be counterproductive.

Kingdom Come 2 is coming, that’s for sure

Everyone who played Warhose’s first work knows that there has to be a second part to Kingdom Come Deliverance. In the end, Heinrich rides with Hans Capon towards Prague to kill the military leader who killed his parents and attacked Silber-Skalitz.

Also in this interview (german only), in which PR manager Tobias Stolz-Zwilling speaks of an “unannounced project”, supposedly reveals more. However, when you can expect an official announcement about Kingdom Come 2 Retribution remains to be seen.


  1. You say, ‘its coming for sure!!!!’
    However, when you can expect an official announcement about Kingdom Come 2 Retribution remains to be seen
    which states. There hasnt been a confirmed date. And you are just trying to generate views to get paid.


    • Seriously… get over yourself. The title asks if the rumors are true. Meaning the article isn’t about defining the question at hand, but exploring the possibilities behind it. Yes KCD2 will ultimately be released, just because there isn’t an official release date doesn’t mean anything other than WarHorse isn’t willing to commit to a set time at this stage. And like most developers, until they are they’re remaining tight lipped about the project in the mean time. The use of a little bit of logic and reasoning can go a long way.

  2. Thanks for the Article. It’s good to sum up the rumours.

    From what I’ve managed to infer on Twitter and from following Roxy’s account, there seems to be enough info that the game was at one point being worked on (or something in a similar time period).

    It’s actually a good thing that there’s no news from Warhorse or its publishers as it suggests that they are taking their time with getting the game to a release-ready state before going to the wider market for an announcement and working on the publishing side.

    This should also mean that while they release the title they are able to focus on DLC rather than the ongoing engine and bug-fixes they were forced to address last time.

    Hopefully this leads to a smooth release of KC (X).

    Be great if you could reach out to the studio for comment on their reasons for keeping silent.

    We don’t need an announcement for KC, but as a fan of their work, it would be nice to receive some confirmation that their silence is intended to make better games.

    Thanks again!


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