Marauders: "Colony Cruiser" update brings two new Locations

Published: Mar. 01, 2023
Updated: Mar. 01, 2023

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The next big update for Marauders is just around the corner. In their third dev blog, the developers have already mentioned most of the contents of the upcoming "Colony Cruiser" update, which we summarize in the following article.

What is a Dev Blog? In a dev blog, the developers provide information about the current development status of their game. These are mostly games that have been released in Early Access. The transparency of a dev blog brings the developers closer to the community of their game. After all, good communication is often an important point in shaping one's own community. The developers of Marauders also recently gave a lot of information about the upcoming Colony Cruiser update with the third dev blog.

Most important Contents of the Colony Cruiser Update in Marauders

After the "Red Baron" boss from the last major update was very well received by players, the developers have decided to implement more bosses in Marauders in the future. These should all feel unique and represent the different factions. For this purpose, new enemies from the U.A. faction will be added in the upcoming "Colony Cruiser" update, which will later support the new boss.

U.A. Space Battalion Marauder Colony Cruiser Update Dev Blog Patch #003

The upcoming U.A. Space Battalion.

Presumably, these enemies, as well as their boss, will be on the also new and namesake Colony Cruiser. This gigantic U.A. ship was built to colonize space and has its own docks defended by turrets. In addition, it is possible to board the ship with your own Breaching Pod. This makes the Colony Cruiser the first mobile location in Marauders.

U.A. Space Battalion Marauder Colony Cruiser Update Dev Blog Patch #003

The new Colony Cruiser location.

Additionally, the smaller asteroid mine already announced in the "Red Baron" update finds its way into the game. This consists of a mining ship, which is fused with a small asteroid. So inside, you'll find narrow and dark tunnels in addition to the interior of a ship. At the top there are more ship parts and at the very bottom of the mine is a storage room. Here you can only dock with the Breaching Pod.

More on Marauders

All Contents of the Colony Cruiser Update from Marauders

  • New Weapons: M97 grenade launcher (pistol) and China Lake (primary weapon).
  • New Enemy: U.A. Faction
  • New Raids: Colony Cruiser & Mini Asteroid Mine
  • Grenades: The grenades removed after the test will be added back.

What do you think of the new features in the upcoming "Colony Cruiser" update in Marauders? Are you looking forward to the new locations?

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