March's Rust Update Brings Texas Hold'em, Gestures & More

Published: Mar. 30, 2021
Updated: Mar. 30, 2021

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Rust receives a new update this week in march as well. This time you get the new mini-game Texas Hold'em, simplified gesture controls, and much more.

Update at a glance: This week's Rust Update in March brings a cool new card game, finally improved gestures, news about HDRP and Hapis Island, and much more. You can now find out what else to expect on the test stage.

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Rust Update Brings Poker - Here's How It Works

There is this variant: Let's start with the biggest change in the upcoming patch, the new poker game. Texas Hold'em is the new card game, and you can play it with two, three, four, or even six people.

As soon as the feature will be released, the tables should be found in the bandit town. However, right now you can only create it yourself with the following commands:

  • Spawn Cardtable.Deployed
  • Spawn Cardtable.Static_Configa
  • " Cardtable.Static_Configb
  • " Cardtable.Static_Configc
  • " Cardtable.Static_Configd


How to play: Before a match starts, you must have at least 100 scraps, as this is the lowest value to buy into the round. In addition, at least two players must take part before a round can start. The game then follows the classic rules of Texas Hold'em. Fortunately, Rust keeps overzealous players from ruining the game by taking turns on each move.

The rest is self-explanatory because as soon as it is your turn, a help window pops up in the lower right corner of the screen that tells you the controls and keybinds. There is no real end to a round, you can leave it at any time. You will then be credited with the amount of scrap that you earned. How poker should be played is not explained in the patch notes of the Rust update in March.


Gesture wheel & improved controls

The next major change in the Rust update this week is arguably the wheel menu for gestures. You open it with "B" and simply select your desired gesture via the wheel menu.

All one-handed gestures are performed with the left hand. This is simply because you tend to drag your tool around in your right paw. If that bothers you and or would like to hold your weapons and tools in your left hand, you can type "graphics.vm_horizontal_flip true" into the console.


Other changes in the Rust update

  • New update for the console versions of Rust - We reported on this in detail.
  • HDRP backport is being further optimized, is on the home stretch
  • Hapis Island is to be further optimized in the coming weeks
  • Spelling errors in the menus have been fixed (English)
  • AI enhancements will be included in the next update
  • Street signs now cast shadows again
  • Blood can be switched off in the options under "Censorship".
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