Rust April Update Brings Ziplines and First Rail Tracks

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Survival MMO Rust received the Zipline & Rail Update on April 7, 2022. The update mainly adds the Ziplines that are stretched over the electricity poles. Another highlight are the procedural tracks in the overworld, but the train is still missing.

That’s going on: Developer Facepunch released the April update on April 7th with “Zipline & Rail”. In addition to the eponymous Ziplines and the Rail System, there are other quality of life improvements.

These are the Ziplines

The electricity pylons in the survival MMO Rust finally have an exciting function after the April update. The Ziplines, stable steel wires, hang from mast to mast, and you can slide back and forth between them.


You can descend the Zipline faster by leaning your character forward. You can also use the jump button to jump off in between. Just be careful not to get knocked out by the fall damage.

This is planned: Facepunch plans to further expand the Ziplines. Various monuments are already connected to them, but more are to follow. In addition, it should be made possible to create your own tracks in order to get from A to B quickly.

Procedural tracks in the overworld

After the first version of the Rail System in the overworld was suspected for the March update, it now came into play in the April update. The procedurally generated rails run once around the entire island on maps that are at least 4250 in size or larger.


However, the rails currently have no gameplay features and are more for testing. If players spot weird-looking areas along the route, they should let the developer know.

This is planned: If the tests go well and the rails don’t cause any problems, trains to the overworld will also be added later, with which you can drive around the island.

Other changes in the update

Other changes coming with the April update include the Quality of Life adjustments. However, they are very limited, but one or the other player should like them.

  • Landmines have received a visual upgrade.
  • Alternate loading screens add variety.
  • The magnet crane at the junkyard is now easier to control.

All patch notes from the April update


  • Powerline ziplines
  • 18 new achievements
  • Server analytics on official servers
  • Added dog tags (for event use only)


  • Generic snowmobile model updated to include visible lights
  • Updated landmine model
  • Magnet crane pedals now animate and have IK for the driver’s feet
  • Added a blue light to the Magnet Crane cockpit. When the magnet crane cabin is within 10 degrees of facing straight forward, it lights up
  • Holding the crouch key while in the Magnet Crane now automatically rotates the cabin back to zero
  • Debug camera controls while spectating or in demos now uses the players movement bindings instead of WASD
  • Made lighting improvements to Airfield, Arctic Research Base, Excavator, Fishing Villages, Lighthouse and Stables monuments
  • Loading screen now alternates between a selection of images


  • Hopeful fix to prevent certain crashes when switching servers
  • Fixed missing passthrough name on DLC industrial wall lights
  • Fixed camper module rear lights not working correctly
  • Fixed magnet crane physics behaving strangely when the magnet arm was extended far out in front
  • Magnet crane is now much less prone to ‘digging in’ its magnet arm, getting it stuck in the ground without being able to easily back out
  • Fixed players being able to grip on to the sides of the train tunnel elevator shaft while falling down it
  • Fixed not being able to kick passengers from the taxi module
  • Fixed not being able to hear notes played from deployed instruments while mounted to something
  • Fixed the helmet slit overlay blocking the status effect UI, and fixed the scope overlay being in front of the helmet slit overlay
  • Fixed the autoturret idle animation moving more slowly at higher server framerates
  • Fixed Rust’s graphics Quality setting defaulting to 0/6 (“Super Potato”) on first install. Set the default to 4/6 (“Good”)
  • Fixed loading screen text overflow
  • Fixed Ice AK showing an extra particle effect in first person
  • Fixed snowmobile losing fuel after reskinning
  • Fixed unable to mount vehicles after a server crash
  • Fixed a number of harsh road intersections


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