First Trailer for Tales of The Walking Dead shows: This Villain Returns

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For the first time, a trailer has been released for Tales of The Walking Dead, the upcoming spin-off series where we get to see different short stories from the TWD universe. The first trailer now also shows who we’ll be following in the show, and one face is delighting fans beyond measure.

What is new? A few hours ago, the US channel AMC published online a first trailer for the upcoming anthology series in the universe of The Walking Dead. It’s called “Tales of The Walking Dead” and aims to offer just that: detached stories of previously unknown characters. At least almost all of them are unknown because the first trailer for the spin-off now shows us a more than familiar face.

First trailer for new Walking Dead spin-off is here: This happens

What does the trailer show? The trailer for Tales of The Walking Dead presents us with the main characters and gives us a first glimpse into their story. In total, we can expect 6 episodes when the series starts. Six episodes, six characters — five of them are unknown. Joy awakens the face of Terry Crews, whom you may know from the Old Spice commercials (via or “Brooklyn Nine Nine”.

One character is quite well-known and once led the Whisperers. That’s right, in Tales of The Walking Dead, we learn more about Alpha’s past. We’ve already seen snippets of her past in the parent series, but it won’t come in its entirety until 2022.

When will Tales start? The new trailer not only gives us first glimpses of the series. We also got a release date for the first time. Tales of The Walking Dead will start in the summer of 2022 when a new episode will be released every Monday as usual.

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Everything we know so far about Tales of The Walking Dead.

We already know the release date and part of the cast. But what does Tales actually want to present without repeating the past? According to content officer Scott Gimple, we can expect different stories in Tales of The Walking Dead, sometimes dealing with serious topics, but also episodes that feel light-hearted and are meant to strain the laugh muscles.

“We’ve worked hard to create interesting and unique characters that both old and new The Walking Dead fans will enjoy.”
– Scott Gimple (via

It is not yet known whether there will be more episodes after the first season of six episodes. As usual in this business, that will probably depend on how well Tales of The Walking Dead is received by fans.



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