Sons Of The Forest: New Trailer Before Christmas!

Published: Dec. 22, 2020
Updated: Jan. 29, 2024


A new trailer of Sons of The Forest will be released this week. What exactly this will show is still unclear.

Update: The new trailer is finally here and it's looking fantastic!

New information: For over a year it has been known that the co-op survival horror The Forest is receiving a sequel called Sons of The Forest. This year there was, unfortunately, no news about the eagerly awaited horror experience. Until now, because that should change this week!


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Sons of The Forest gets a new trailer before Christmas

This is what we get: The developer Endnight Games informed the fans of Sons of The Forest via Facebook and Twitter that there should be a new trailer for the game soon. The future players are excited and can look forward to next Wednesday.

A new trailer will be released on December 23, 2020. The time is not known, which is why we at keep our eyes open for you! Unfortunately, nothing is known about the content of the new trailer either. In the last one we saw cryptic images, which we classified as follows in our analysis:

  • In the sequel to The Forest we take on the role of Timmy, the son of the first protagonist.
  • We are part of a special unit that for reasons that are still unknown is on its way back to the island, perhaps a new island.
  • Firearms are much more prominently involved than in the first game.
  • There are new monsters.

There is more in the Q&A: If you now want to know more and read developer answers to community questions about Sons of The Forest, you can simply take a look at our FAQ with the team behind The Forest!

Sons of The Forest: Developers provide new info in Q&A about The Forest 2

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